Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Sofa, Some Shoes, Some Miscellany & a Contest

I post this with the full knowledge that there are some of my Loyal Readers who will hate this beautiful piece of furniture and will not hesitate to tell me so. However, as your BloomingtonGirl does not shy away from such controversies, I hereby express my enthusiasm for this lovely sofa.

I would love to order it for my living room. I know that it is wild, but is so ME. The colors would complement every other thing I have in the existing room and even if the colors clashed, I would find a way to make it work. That is, if I could actually have the sofa. But, sadly, I cannot have the sofa.

Why? Well, for one thing, we do not remotely need a new sofa and for another thing it is pretty expensive. Not to mention that my husband would not be inclined to allow such a large wild looking piece of furniture into our home. On the other hand, Jack could spill any number of food or drink concoctions on it and one might not ever notice the stains.

I have nothing else to say about the sofa. I just wanted to share it with you.

Here is another item I have fallen in love with.

The picture isn't all that good and if you can't tell, there are multi-colored fishes on the shoes. I am not going to buy these for two reasons. First, they are hideously overpriced and second, I couldn't begin to walk in them (they are taller/steeper than they look here.) But, they are entirely BOSS, are they not? If they ever go on sale for, say, 75% off, I might get them just to wear them when I am sitting down. They are SO cute. Wouldn't they be fun to wear with FISH net stockings? Get it...Fish Shoes with Fish Nets? Your BloomingtonGirl is such a comic!

That's enough shallow materialism from me for tonight. On to more weighty things.

Me, for instance. I have eaten everything that wasn't securely fastened down today. I think that the whole snow - day thing makes one hungry, don't you? It looks like we will have another snow day tomorrow, which is just as well for poor little Jack because he came down with a horrific head cold today and is really under the weather.

I am upstairs in Kate's room tonight so that I can hear Jack without a monitor. That allows Chris to sleep peacefully in our bedroom downstairs. Jack is a bit feverish tonight and yelling from time to time in his sleep. Over the past half-hour or so I have heard "SAFE HOUSE!" and "CAP IT, NOW!" shouted loudly.

Chris needs to rest without hearing Jack's stream of dream consciousness because he has to get up early tomorrow to work at a hospital that is about an hour from here. The roads will probably be lousy. I have to get working on my bestseller so Chris can retire. Or, I could just stop buying so many pairs of boots. As Jack says when faced with a touch decision, "It's a hard choice, Mommy."

I do realize that I have a serious boot habit. Jack shattered my denial the other day. He asked me a question - the subject escapes memory - and I told him to ask his Dad because I didn't know anything about the topic. Jack advised me not to feel bad about not knowing it and went on to comfort me by saying, "You know some things, Mommy. You know all about boots."

Well, off to read about poor Clarissa, whose choices were much more limited and more dire than whether to become a best selling author or to stop buying so many boots. I don't remember if I mentioned that our friend Mark studied Clarissa in graduate school and characterized it as a "1500 page rape". It is a slow rape, however as I am on page 846, and Clarissa still has her virtue.

I would like to set up a little wager on this topic. On what page will Clarissa be ruined by Lovelace? Cast your votes in the comment section or E-MAIL ME with your guess. I promise I will announce the winner as soon as I read the fateful page. The person who comes closest to the correct page will win a package of Lucky Guy treats of their choice. Past scholars of this fine work are not eligible and contest rules prohibit paging through the book and finding the page.

Good Luck, Loyal Readers!


Perk said...

Page 1300.

Anonymous said...

The sofa is the coolest - love it. The shoes, well, I have always loved fish in and on any item of clothing - and to pair with fishnet stockings, too clever! You really are a phenomenon of fashion! As for poor Clarrisa and her 1st boink, I don’t know, but I’d have to say it’s long over due, wouldn’t you agree? (I truly hope you aren’t upset about my comment about your lovely plaid hunters cap… I can just be wicked, as you surely must know by now.)

Your pal,

BloomingtonGirl said...

You forgot to wager a page number for the loss of virtue. What say you, .e?

KAWyle said...

I read an abridged version (one volume -- wimpy, I know) -- which I guess would give me an unfair advantage re guessing the page of the unabridged. Are you reading every last volume? I recall some commentator saying that Clarissa wouldn't have had time to live the events she writes about.

BloomingtonGirl said...

A friend of mine who studied Clarissa in graduate school commented that one would always be able to pick her out in a crowd because she would be the one with an unnaturally large right arm.

I hope that I am reading the unabridged version...are there more pages than those contained in my huge tome?