Thursday, March 22, 2007

170 Minutes of Dental Work

Greetings from a Dental Chair, Loyal Readers, where I am having my 170 minutes of Dental Work. (That is how long the receptionist told me to allow for this appointment.) I have just been injected with enough Novocaine to numb a small horse as you can see from my sagging lip. Because Novocaine has epinephrine in it, I always get a huge rush when I get it. My hands get shaky and my legs tingle and I want to shout "Wheee!!!" Once my heart stops racing and the numbness sets in, the dentist will come in and start drilling away. Yippee.

Below are The Dentist (right) and the Dental Assistant (left) pictured with your Bloomingtongirl, who is all decked out in her glamorous safety goggles, sufficiently numbed up for the work to begin. The work, by the way, will be done on a back tooth that is cracking under the weight of a GIANT filling. Today, I will have that tooth prepared for a partial crown. As many of you may have suspected, I have always wanted to wear a crown.

This next photo is of your poor Bloomingtongirl having an impression of her tooth taken for the lab. I took this after over an hour of drilling, thus the less than enthusiastic look. Truth be told, this is the second shot of the pose. When I viewed the first shot, I noticed that there was a huge string of drool cascading down my chin onto my chest. Of course, it wasn't because of vanity that I did the re-take. I just wanted to spare the gentle sensibilities of my readers. Note the friendly Dental Hygienist in the background. They didn't let on, but I am sure that she and the Dentist thought I was a strange one, taking pictures and writing through the procedure.

Soon after the shot above was taken, I developed a severe reaction to the Novocaine which resulted in extreme and unattractive swelling. As you can see in the photo below, my entire head appears to be distorted.

Fortunately, the swelling stopped and I was able to be released about a half hour later with warnings not to chew on ice or popcorn kernels with my temporary crown. I am not one of those crazy people who chew on ice or popcorn kernels, so the warning was wasted on me. Who does these things?

The rest of my afternoon passed uneventfully other than the brief period of bliss I experienced when I had a Peach Banana Smoothie. My Loyal Readers will be happy to know that I am ship-shape at the time of this writing, with just a touch of soreness in my jaw muscles.

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Anonymous said...

I have never laughed so hard at 7:11 in the morning! Nancy