Monday, March 05, 2007

En Espanol....

Loyal readers, I am in Puerto Rico where everything comes up in Spanish on the Blogger website!

I will blog about our trip at length later in the week. For now, you will have to be content with a brief check--in from your BloomingtonGirl, who is retaining water from the consumption of the copious amounts of salt in the local diet. Well, to be more accurate, I am retaining the local diet. Never mind. I am sure you didn't tune in to read about your poor BloomingtonGirl's bloating and pesky weight gain made all the more obvious by sauntering about the resort in a bathing suit.

This is a picture of one of the pools at the resort at which we are staying. We got the entire six-day stay for free by using the American Express points I have accumulated from years of business travel (years ago) and from the compulsive purchasing of boots (recent past). That makes the trip sweeter. Free is always better than not.

More later. I have to go and tuck our little Jack in.


Perk said...

Enjoy! :-)

Amy said...

Joni -
Hello there! While you were eating salty foods and drinking margaritas at your free trip to PR - the Collins house was enjoying the totally awesome lunar eclipse last Saturday night. It made me think of you becasue the last time I viewed a lunar eclipse, we were at your house at one of your fabulous dinner parties. This party was right before you moved to Bloomington. I miss you J! We are all doing well. We recently had very encouraging news from Yale re:Charlotte. Call me or email when you get back - hopefully we can catch up. Love to Chris and Jack - the most adorable boy on the planet. - E

Katelyn said...

Ok. Now I'm jealous. I am sitting in New York City in a room full of dusty boxes and it is blizarding outside (no joke) and I have to see THAT picture? UNFAIR Jomama.

If I quit can we go back with me? Or anywhere that looks like that with me? We could go for as long as you want! Buy more boots and get back to me please. Blizarding I tell you.

I miss you.