Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Varieties of Spring Break Outings

Jack's official spring break is this week, even though we "celebrated it" last week by taking him out of school to go to Puerto Rico. This week, he is home with me while Chris is working.

Many of Jack's friends are out of town as are just about all of his babysitters, since IU has the same break as all the other schools in town. I knew it wouldn't be good for either Jack or me to simply stay home every day alone together, so my goal was to plan little outings.

As of Wednesday, I am happy to report that we have had a little outing every day. Here is my summary to date.

On Monday, our outings were modest. We visited our beloved BloomingFoods and did the Big Shop in order to restock our bare cupboards after our trip. After that, we stopped at the Neiman Marcus of Bloomington - also known as Target - to pick up something we needed, but I cannot for the life of me remember what the heck it was. While there, however, Jack ogled the Lego aisle and decided what kits he wanted to save up for.

On Tuesday, Jack and I spent an enjoyable day at the Indianapolis Zoo to which we had not ventured before. We have been spoiled by the St. Louis Zoo but I have to say that the Indy Zoo was very nice, indeed. It was a lovely day and we ran into some good friends and saw the Dolphin show with them. It reminded me a bit of SeaWorld (which I actually loathe) but it wasn't as big and flashy, so it was tolerable. I was planning to write a little essay on the lunch cafe but time has not allowed for it yet this week. Stay tuned for that because I think it is going to be good, if I do say so myself.

Today, we were a bit at a loss for an outing. Jack had developed what looked to be a raging case of pink eye complete with an impressive amount of chartreuse exudate. Until treated for 24 hours with eye-drops, his contagion would prevent us from having a play date or going to the library or (the wonderful) Wonderlab. Around noon, we both were getting a little cranky, so I suggested that we have a delicious lunch of some of Jack's favorite foods. I made some pesto, one of Jack's favorite dishes. He used to LOVE it back in the day, but ever since he was diagnosed with peanut and other tree nut allergies three and a half years ago, we of course have not served it. But, recently, although he tested Positive with a capital P to Peanuts again, he tested negative to those tree nuts to which he had been allergic, so we started introducing Pesto again. With no ill effects.

Until today, that is.

Soon after Jack started eating the pesto at lunch, he began to complain of a pain in his throat and said he was going to throw-up. At first I thought he was just being his usual very dramatic self, wailing and gnashing his teeth over a minor discomfort. (You should see the theatrics when this poor little guy gets a teeny weeny splinter.) But it rapidly became evident that he was having an allergic reaction and lets just say it put the fear of God into this atheist's heart. Long story short, I got him into the car and drove to the ER, made-for-TV-movie style, laying on the horn in intersections, going 65 in a 30 mile zone, going through red lights (with caution, of course) while assuring my six-year old with the swelling lips in the backseat that he was going to be fine even though Mommy was driving like there was man behind us training an automatic weapon on us. Since Jack wasn't having any clear respiratory distress and could still talk, I didn't give him his epi-pen. (Looking back, perhaps this was stupid and I am going to rethink this approach should Jack have an allergic reaction again - as it probably will. I just am reluctant to jam the larger-than-life needle into his skinny little thigh unless I absolutely have to.)

Much to my relief, he vomited on the way to the ER (super mom was prepared with an emesis basin of sorts - my mother's old Revere ware mixing bowl, which, I happen to like very much. I usually don't have my kid puke into it, but it was easy to grab as we were leaving the house.) At the ER, I pulled up my car, got Jack out and left the vomit filled bowl next to the wheel on the ground. I was reasonably sure that nobody would steel my heirloom bowl, given its contents and I am happy to report that I was right.

Long story short, after three hours of waves of hives, steroids, a nebulizer, Benadryl and (thank goodness) SpongeBob on the TV, we were released. By that time, Jack had gone from being a very sick little guy to being an energetic kid with a new lease on life and a strong desire to go immediately to Target to make good on his mother's promise to get him that Lego Aqua-Raider kit he had been coveting for weeks.

And so we did and the rest of the day passed in a manner much more enjoyable.

Stay tuned for a report of what I hope will be less eventful outings for the remaining two days of this week.

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Perk said...

Hi Super Mom,
I'm admiring your crisis management skills while feeling sorry that you and Jack had to go thru that particular event. Here's to calm days and Legos.