Thursday, March 01, 2007

No Title Comes to Mind

Loyal Readers and neglected friends (those whose phone calls I haven't returned lately), this is a photo of the style of house I long to live in. It is lately top of mind because we put our house back on the market as of today. Chris and I are deeply ambivalent about it but we are doing it anyway because we think it is prudent and right to live smaller than we are living. Our house is just too big and the amount of land is more than we need. If we were on a wooded lot with very little landscaping maintenance (or, more to the point WEEDING) needed, we would probably stay put. However, we are not on a wooded lot, but rather three acres of yard and that sort of tilts the balance. I am not confident that the place will sell and I will have mixed feelings if it does. I have no idea where we are going to live because there are no houses on the market that interest me at all. ( I would say "us" instead of me, but I am the one doing all the hunting, so there.) There are precious few modern houses and those that are around are decidedly not for sale. I have been thinking of going up to houses that I like and leaving them cookies and brownies with a note expressing interest in their home. Based on the reactions I usually get to my HoosierMama brownies and Oatmeal Jacksons, I bet I would at least get a response back. You never know.

In other news, I painted my sad little toenails tonight a very fetching dark, almost black maroon. My feet look SO much better now. I bought a pair of new sandals today for our upcoming vacation and thought they deserved to be filled by something better than zoo animal feet. It is amazing how pedicured feet can make one feel so much more attractive. An illusion, no doubt, but a pleasant one just the same. My sparkling toes are drying as I write this. To be sure, they are a bit chilly and would rather be under the covers, but as Mme. Searles my completely anorexic high school French teacher used to say, "Pour etre belle, il faut suffrir." I hope I got that right. She sure looked like she was suffering. (But she was a really nice lady and a great teacher.)

In other other news, we had a horrific and long thunderstorm last night which was a bit bizarre given the time of year. It kept us up for awhile. Tonight, the wind is whipping like crazy. I hope we don't get another storm because I can use a good night's sleep.

That's all for tonight because I must attend to my lady, Clarissa. What a story, Loyal Readers! Whoever has picked up this book on my recommendation, raise your hand!


Perk said...

"...zoo animal feet." Laugh out loud! And you claim you're not a writer...

Anonymous said...

Vacation? Where? Upstate NY perhaps? Probably not.. no need for painted toenails here.

I loved M Searles. Was she a madame or a mademoiselle? I can't remember. Remember the tapes? A mother shouts upstairs to her children "Michelle, Anne, vous travaillez?" They answer, "Ah Non... nous regardons le television, pourquoi?"

Some things never change!!