Friday, March 30, 2007

Twinkies, A Bad House and A Squishy Middle

Yes, Loyal Readers. This is a picture of the beloved American Treat, The Twinkie. Jack had his first Twinkie today and loved it. I don't know what came over me but he saw them in the grocery store, tarted up with marketing from Happy Feet, a movie he had just seen, and wanted to try them. So, I figured, what harm could it do? I bought a little two pack and gave him one after dinner. He swooned. Let's face it. What kid doesn't swoon over the Twinkie? What adult? Be truthful, now. Even though you may not have had one in years, you can still remember exactly how they tasted and would love one RIGHT NOW.

Yep. I knew it.

Jack went to school today so I actually got to leave the house. I worked out, had a hair cut and then went to look at a house that just came on the market in a neighborhood I love. The house looked quite promising, though it was bigger than we want to buy. I was excited to see it because houses in this neighborhood never come on the market and because it looked nice on the outside.

There were no pictures of the inside shown on the listing and I figured it was because the listing was really new and they weren't posted yet. Turns out I was wrong. There were no pictures of the inside posted because the inside is GHASTLY. And, not that pictures would show this but the house SMELLS BAD.

Long story short, time stopped in the mid-eighties in this house. Everywhere there was deep pile carpet in faded jewel tones. In most rooms, there was that tacky stripe of a different colored carpet going around the room, about one foot from the walls. The best carpet in the house was a deep red shag in a panelled bedroom. The kitchen was carpeted, I think. The bathrooms I know were carpeted.

The master bedroom had a modest attached master bath but in addition, there was a baby blue laminate counter running along the wall opposite the bathroom door that had baby blue circa 1977 cabinets underneath and a sink. Like half a bathroom right in the middle of the bedroom. The owners were no longer living there, judging by the complete lack of any furniture but they appeared to have left most of their clothing and all of there 1,000,000 books. The realtor and I speculated that they sold all their furniture on e-bay and joined a nudist colony that didn't allow books.

The best decorating touch in the place - and believe me, there were many memorable ones - was the use of a wallpaper border in the master bedroom. Except that it wasn't on the wall. It was on the ceiling. Now, that, I have not seen before.

The whole thing was very sad because the property is beautiful and the street is great. But even at half the price they are asking, it wouldn't be worth the money.

And besides, we haven't even had anyone LOOK at our house, so it isn't as if we are going anywhere anytime soon anyway.

Still, I like to keep up with what is on the market just in case.

In other news, I made a killer Vegan Paella tonight complete with a roasted tomato sauce and a garlic/tofu aioli. The many steps to make this menu took hours but it was worth it. I think it is one of my favorite meals of all time.

And speaking of favorite meals and eating and eating and eating, I have developed a little, well not so little, donut around my middle that I can feel when I sit down or bend down or get on the nifty little rowing machine at the Y. I would like to think that aging has contributed to this shift in soft tissue on my formerly firmer body, but it is more likely that eating has been the strongest factor. Oh, yeah, and a lack of ab exercises.

I am going to turn over a new leaf tomorrow and do some sort of ab workout at least four times a week. There I said it. And, I know my Loyal Readers will hold me to it. Perhaps one of those Perfect Abs in Thirty Days things. Just for the record, I am not doing this solely for vanity - though if tent dresses were in, I might not bother with it. I do realize that no matter what I do I will never have a six pack, unless it is purchased at the local liquor store. I just don't want to feel my gut hanging out there every minute of every day.

We will see how I do. Perhaps I will measure my waist tonight and then again weekly for the next six and see how my progress goes.

I'd like to be able to say that your BloomingtonGirl has better more noble things to worry about other than her squishy middle, but I would be lying. At least today, I would be. Perhaps tomorrow a real problem will come along and knock my gut-worry out of first place, but I kind of hope not. After all, if my gut is my worst problem, isn't my life pretty great?


Anonymous said...

Don't take young Jack to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, where they serve deep-fried twinkies....

dick said...

Your spare tire is probably a cute spare tire and at your age is normal for most women. It's probably just a mature female uterus and you are making waaaaayyyyy to much of it. Just my dos centavos!!!