Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our First Tractor Pull

Today, Jack and I witnessed our very first tractor pull.

I know my Loyal Readers will need a moment to recover from their horror at the thought of their delicate BloomingtonGirl attending a tractor pull. You may begin to wonder what is next? Monster Cars? Jello Wrestling? Running for County Fair Queen?

Well, worry not, Loyal Readers. This tractor pull, as you can see in the photo, was not an authentic Billy-Bob tractor pull. No, it was conducted by an Entomologist from Purdue University as part of a lecture/program he gave today for kids at Bloomington's own outstanding science museum, The Wonderlab.

Madagascar cockroaches were hitched up to little toy tractors and put on a race track. Three roaches representing IU, Purdue and Notre Dame competed. The IU roach won by an antennae. It was a thrilling contest of strength and speed. Well, not that much speed, truth-be-told. The Madagascar Cockroach is known for its strength rather than its speed. Its faster cousin, The American Cockroach is the speedster. In fact, the American Cockroach is one of the fastest animals alive, if you adjust for its size. If you were an American Cockroach, you would be able to run 100 miles per hour. Just a little factoid I picked up at the scintillating bug lecture.

Another delightful creature that Jack got to pet and hold today was a giant African Millipede. I could have held it myself, but I didn't want to deprive any kids of their turn to hold this creature.

In other news, Chris and I went out for dinner tonight at one of our favorite Bloomington restaurants, Samira. It is an Afghani place and the food is ALWAYS outstanding. Jack stayed behind with Kyla, one of his beautiful sorority sister babysitters from IU. He talked her into taking him to her apartment so he could play with her new puppy. Her seven equally lovely housemates were there and they all doted on the delighted little Jack. I fear that he will grow up expecting a harem of devoted women to be anticipating his every need and laughing at his every little joke. Don't get me wrong. It isn't that I don't think that my son deserves such treatment. It is just that I fear that it will be hard for him to find.

Well, I am off to read Voyage of the Narwhal, though I wasn't encouraged by the first little part of it that I got through. It hasn't grabbed me yet. But to be fair, Clarissa is a tough act to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, much better than the "Animal Athletes" event we attended last week with canines, where the high point was when the K-9 Companions German Shepherd took a dump on the floor right in front of the kids seated on said floor....