Friday, March 02, 2007

Pedicured Zoo Animal Feet

Loyal Readers, here they are! My pedicured zoo animal feet. I am taking a liberty by using the descriptor "pedicured" because technically, they are not pedicured. If they were, they would have been exfoliated and moisturized and de-cuticled and all that. What I have done is sort of taken care of my cuticles by attempting to push them back with a specially slanted stick and painted the nails with polish. Four coats, to be precise. A base coat, two color coats and a top coat for shine and durability. The color, I know, is a bit controversial. You either love it or hate it. I love it and that is what is important. The grey fuzzy things are leg warmers that I put on to keep my tooties warm while my nails dry.

Last night, when I was sitting on the bed, typing happily away on this very lap top while the first color coat was drying, my husband put his foot next to mine and commented that our feet were shaped very differently. I observed that he was indeed correct and said (in my often too frank manner) that his feet were weirdly shaped and that his toes were freakishly long. His response was that his feet were just fine and that my toes were - and I quote - stumpy. (!)

You can imagine that there was no exciting romantic activity after that exchange.

I will leave it up to my Loyal Readers to decided whether my toes are indeed stumpy or simply petite, as I like to think of them.

In other news, I frantically cleaned the house today and got stuff ready for our trip. It is a drag to be getting the house ready for showing and to be leaving for vacation at the same time. The upside, though, is that when we come back, we will be coming back to a perfectly clean and orderly home and that, my Loyal Readers, will be a treat.

Well, off to read about the poor Clarissa and her trials and tribulations.

I'll bet that she didn't have such a fetching shade of toenail polish on her little feet....

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What a shit show!