Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poor Little Jack

On top of two ear infections and an impressive cold, Jack has developed a little flu bug with a fever of 102. The doctor has prescribed another antibiotic and a course of steroids to see if we can clear his ears (the poor kid's most frequent word these days is "What?") and put him on a prescription decongestant. So, in total, his medications are as follows:

AM: Nasonex steroid nose spray to reduce what are suspected to be swollen adenoids
Pulmacort turbohaler - another steroid targeted to his deep lung to prevent pneumonia, which he has been prone to in the past
Bad tasting liquid prescription decongestant
Pretty bad tasting oral steroid
Not so great tasting liquid antibiotic
(You can imagine the challenge of getting him to swallow the last three)

PM: All of the above minus the Nasonex and plus a Singulair allergy chewable tablet, which, thank goodness, tastes good.

I cannot believe that I have a kid on so much medication. And prescribed by a doctor who would like to reduce the medications that Jack is on. Jack was doing so well for awhile but this latest cold (and now this fever thing) has really knocked the poor kid out.

Jack took maybe one antibiotic in his first three years on the planet. The kid NEVER had an ear infection until the past year. Since then, he has had several which haven't cleared up with one course of antibiotic. Could it be Indiana? Hmmmmm. The air here isn't supposed to be so great for people with allergies and respiratory issues.

Your BloomingtonGirl is a bit under the weather, but just a bit. I had enough energy to give myself a facial today while Jack slept, run the robot vacuum cleaner around a couple of rooms, do some laundry and eat two bowls of Lucky Charms. We do not usually have cereals such as Lucky Charms in the house but when we do, I always have a bowl (or two). I LOVE them and they bring me RIGHT back to 220 Bellinger Ave, Herkimer, NY. Add a glass of Hawaiian Punch and I would think I was 8 again. Think what you like about my love of Lucky Charms. Everyone has a weakness and this is one of my several thousand.

Off to read I Feel Bad About My Neck by Norah Ephron. It is wonderful, though I don't feel all that bad about my neck. I feel way worse about my ass. But, as dissatisfactions go, these are good ones to have. They are trivial, are they not?


Perk said...

I hope Jack feels better soon! Poor kid!

Anonymous said...

Compared to the rest of me, my neck looks great!

Your not-hopeful lunch date for tomorrow...