Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Row Row Row

This is a picture of your BloomingtonGirl's latest favorite workout machine, the Concept2 Rowing Machine (fit man not included).

The Y recently got one and I have been trying it out. The other day I rowed for 30 minutes and it wasn't bad. So, being who I am, I went on line to learn exactly what muscle groups were exercised by this machine. I was crushed but not surprised to find out that the abs appear to be completely neglected, according to the diagrams on the website. Alas, I shall have to supplement my rowing with ab work, which I hate to do and don't do and so I have a gut. There. I said it. A gut. Or if you are my dad, you have a hernia. He has this impressive stick-out hard man gut and he blames it on a hernia. Every time Chris and I see a man with a big fat gut, we say, "Wow, get a load of the hernia on that guy!"

I also noticed that you can buy one of these rowing machines on line if you like and I just want to say that if my husband ever asks you what I might like for Mother's Day or my birthday, you might want to check with me and see if I still want one of these. Okay? My back up choice is probably a steam cleaner. As far as romance goes, I am a low maintenance babe.

In other news, Jack was home sick again today with a pretty good fever that spiked at about noon to 103. A friend dropped off some chewable Motrin tablets for him - for some reason I was without that miraculous drug in the house - and abracadabra!!!- about 45 minutes later, he was almost normal. I think that I shall write in to NPR for their "This I Believe" series and do a little essay entitled "I Believe in the Power of Motrin". I could just say Ibuprofen so as to not appear to endorse one brand over another. The rule is that your kid should be kept home for at least 24 hours after a fever has ended so technically he can't go to school tomorrow. I might have to break that rule if he is really well in the morning. Does that make me bad?

Most of today was a quiet day, spent taking care of my little prince and doing the usual cleaning and laundry. I did manage to fit in a beauty treatment of sorts; I scraped the calluses and dry skin off of my feet with one of those razor thingies and finished with a rich moisturizing treatment and a pair of comfy socks. One does not live on housework alone, you know. The inclusion of glamorous spa-type treatments performed at home is an important element in a fulfilling life. Tomorrow, if I am still house bound with little Jack, I plan to work on my cuticles and apply new polish in a lovely spring color. If time allows, I shall use the hair-ripper-outer device to rip out the hair from my thighs. I am not in the mood to spend money on a wax and this works just as well. Spring is here and I want to be ready to don my springy apparel with confidence.

Off to finish I Feel Bad About My Neck, which I am enjoying quite a bit. One of my loyal readers wrote me and wanted to know what happened to Voyage of the Narwhal. Nothing happened to it. It is in the queue on my nightstand along with The Glass Castle and The Worshipful Lucia (one of the wonderful Lucia books by E.F. Benson.) Waiting there as well is The Female Brain, which I started and abandoned, probably for Clarissa.

Chris just came down from checking on Jack and he has a fever once again. Looks like I will be home with the little guy tomorrow.

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