Thursday, March 29, 2007

Toxic Waste, Risotto and Free Ham

This is a picture of my wonderful Mortar & Pestle, which when in use, usually contains interesting whole spices being ground for an exotic and tasty recipe. So what are the colorful spheres in the vessel? TRIX. Yep. Trix are for Kids, TRIX. These little morsels are also known as Toxic Waste in our home. Jack LOVES them more than any other cereal and so every once and awhile, I buy a box (usually at his urging in the store) and he gets to have it as a special treat for an occasional snack or for dessert. Never EVER for breakfast. (I make this clear lest you worry that perhaps you should call social services.) This photograph was taken earlier this evening just prior to Jack having to take a liquid medication that he loathes. I was just about to grind up the Toxic Waste pellets into a coarse powder, mix them with sherbet, add the bad tasting drug and give it to the pampered (some would say completely spoiled) Jack. It still took him a full 20 minutes to dramatically sip the concoction. Honestly, I don't know where he gets his bent for theatrics.

Late yesterday afternoon, after Jack's 102 fever had been taken down with Motrin, he had a craving for "Mrs. So&So's risotto". Jack spends a fair amount of time playing with the her kids and when he at their house, he enjoys having Mrs. So&So make him dinner. She makes great risotto.

"Mommy, will you call Mrs. So&So and ask her to make us dinner tonight? I just love her food and she will make it because I am sick, won't she?"

"I am not going to ask Mrs. So&So to make us dinner, but I will call her and ask her for the recipe for her risotto and I will make it for you." (Don't you wish you were Jack?)

"I am sorry to have to tell you this, Mommy, but it won't be as good as Mrs. So&So's. But, I know! Maybe when you call her and ask her for the recipe she will say, Don't make dinner! I'll make you some risotto."

Loyal Readers, I can't believe my six year old is that cunning. He did speculate correctly and when I called my friend, she did say, I have everything here so why don't I make it for you? But, I insisted that she shouldn't and I got the list of stuff I needed to make it. Jack was well enough to go to the grocery store with me and well enough to ask repeatedly if I was buying the right kind of this and that, the same brand as Mrs. So&So said to buy.

I did buy exactly what she suggested and followed her instructions. But in the end, Jack was right. Not only wasn't it as good as Mrs. So&So's, it didn't taste at all like the risotto she makes. It was good but not very.

But, I completely got the risotto bug as a result. I loved the stirring and the whole process and I am now determined to hone my risotto skills. I will keep my loyal readers posted as I perfect my method and gain weight from trying all my dishes. Not to mention the puffy face I shall have as a result of water retention from all the starch consumption.

Speaking of water retention, I spoke to my mother today who was pleased to inform me that she got a free ham with purchase at the Price Chopper in Utica.

"If you bought over $50 in groceries, you got a free ham. Your Aunt Helen spent over $50 and got a ham. My bill came to $46.56 but they gave me the ham anyway. It was a nice spiral cut butt."

I wonder how many free hams they are giving out. I wonder how much the hams weigh. I wonder if you got your pick of shoulder or butt. I wonder how much giving away free hams is increasing the Price Chopper sales for the week. I wonder why I am spending any time wondering about this.

I don't, however, wonder what my mother will be serving for Easter.


Perk said...

I have enough points from shopping at our local Shaw's supermarket to get a free ham. Up to a 20.00 value! Or, I could get a turkey. My mother is lobbying for the ham although it's not crucial for Easter dinner since we're having leg-o-lamb...

The Utica free ham deal seems like quite a bargain! Does your Mom make scalloped potatoes and ham with the leftovers?

Ham, ham, ham, ham...

Dick said...

I almost won a ham at a ham shoot at the local rod and gun club. They have these card with a circle on them and they put a point in the middle of the circle little pie shaped wedges, about 40 of them to be exact. It's a benefit for the club and they sell the wedges for .50 or a buck apiece. They then take one shot with a shotgun at the circle from about 20 yards and the circle that gets the most pellet holes wins a friggin frozen ham from some two bit frozen food company that makes really shitty frozen hams!!! Probably the same company that sells them to Price Chopper.