Friday, April 27, 2007

BloomingtonGirl is Tired

Loyal Readers, this is what your BloomingtonGirl will look like in a few short moments after she finishes writing this post to you. We got home a little while ago from Edible Lotus, a festive and wonderful affair with an abundance of food, drink and good cheer. I was so happy to see how many people I knew there. It was an affirmation of community and good will.

There was a silent auction of all sorts of wonderful stuff and I actually donated items to the auction. I made two cookie/brownie assortments (I will post a picture of them tomorrow) that went for $55 each. I bid on some sort of tile wall installation and won it (!!). I have no idea where we will hang them. I shall post a picture of them when I pick them up. My husband was a little less than thrilled but he was a good sport about it. It wasn't that much money in the end and it is a cool work of art.

I go to bed content to live in this wonderful town full of culture and conviviality. But most of all, I feel fortunate to live with the finest man I know. Every day I count my blessings to have a wonderful husband and three great kids.

SO lucky.

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