Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy and Happy

Your BloomingtonGirl had a very busy day today, though I was occupied mostly with self-indulgent activities. Swimming, writing class, Pilate's and some work at Jack's school took up my whole day. Jack had a play date at his "second family's house" in the late afternoon. I dropped him off there, and came home to make dinner. As I was starting dinner, the phone rang. It was our realtor who asked if someone could show our house in a half hour. I agreed and sped around the place neatening it up for the showing. In thirty minutes, our home was show ready and I was all wound-up from the fast-forward paced cleaning. The nice thing about the concentrated effort is that my house is fabulous and all the guilt I had about my self- indulgence evaporated. I can go to bed tonight knowing that I cleaned up my entire house today, so there.

And, I got an extra bonus to boot. My good friend at whose home Jack was playing made dinner for Chris and me and gave us a great bottle of wine to enjoy tonight. I feel so lucky and happy and lucky and happy. And very relaxed, thanks to the wine, which is a delicious Chianti.

The realtor just called and said that it was a "good showing." The couple is supposed to get back to her tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what happens.

In other news, I have awarded Jack the distinction of "LEGO GENIUS". Just thought I would let you know.

Off to do the crossword puzzle and catch up on the latest Soprano episode.

More and better tomorrow.

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