Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Love Karen Carpenter

This is, of course, a picture of the tragic and talented Karen Carpenter. She was an unbelievable singer and a master of rhythm. I remember being in grade school band and having "Mr. C" say something like that when we were getting ready to play some horrible rendition of some song by the Carpenters. Or, maybe it was in middle school band and the conductor was Mr. Davis or in high school band and the conductor was Mr. Schmidt. Yes, it was probably Mr. Schmidt, himself an amazingly gifted teacher. But, whoever and whenever it was, the point remains. Karen Carpenter was an amazing talent.

It is easy to dismiss the Carpenters as silly seventies pop, but if you listen even a little carefully, you will realize that Karen Carpenter's distinctive smooth alto voice was a singular gift. Every time I listen to her sing, I am really sad that she died so young for no good reason.

Tonight, I downloaded a bunch of my favorite Carpenter songs from ITunes and I suggest, Loyal Readers, that you do the same immediately. You will be transported to a different time and place right away. It is delightful.

That's all on Karen Carpenter.

In other news, I made a great pasta dish tonight. I might post the recipe on my recipe blog tomorrow if time allows. Tonight, I am just too lazy.

In other other news, Chris and I watched The Departed last night and recommend it wholeheartedly. The only thing I would change is the casting of Jack Nicholson as the head mob guy. I think that Gabriel Byrne would have been much more believable. Jack Nicholson is just too, well, Jack Nicholson, you know? But, that complaint is minor. The film is a good one and the performances very strong overall. Two thumbs up from your BloomingtonGirl.

We also watched WordPlay, a documentary about making and doing Crossword Puzzles. It was about 30 minutes too long but still very entertaining. It has inspired your BloomingtonGirl to start doing the NYT puzzle again after a long break. She is rusty, to say the least.

That's all for tonight.


Perk said...

I was a closet Karen Carpenter fan growing up. Her voice always moved me but as a young lad in upstate NY whose peers tended to ridicule anything less metallic than Deep Purple or Blue Oyster Cult, I had to keep my Carpenters appreciation to myself or else undergo endless taunting.(I once made the mistake of introducing the german electronica pioneers Kraftwerk's first album to my friends who enjoyed weeks, perhaps months, of teasing at my expense)I still love Karen Carpenter's voice and yes, my iPod is full of Carpenter's tunes.

I agree about the casting of Nicholson in The Departed...he just wasn't Boston Irish to me. Brian Denehy perhaps? The best performance for me was Mark Whalberg who WAS a tough Boston'Southie'growing up.

BloomingtonGirl said...

Brian Denehy might be too regal for that role, I think. Gabriel Byrne is my top pick.
I am always impressed when anyone can nail the Southie accent, and Wahlberg and Damon both did.

Steph said...

Hey - I love your blog! Thanks for sharing it with me. I will be checking back often. And, by the way, I like the background you've chosen. ;-)
Tea girl