Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Leap Year"

Loyal Readers, this is the tile installation I purchased at last night's auction. It measures 34"X34" when it is on the wall and is called Leap Year. It is by clay artist Nell Devitt So, there it is.

I have been walking around our house trying to decide where to put it.

I WILL find a spot. I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can...

Actually, I am pretty happy to have my second piece in my collection of local artists.

I have no idea if Chris is happy or if he even knows we have the beginnings of a collection. I think that he will be happy to learn that there is one site on the Internet that lists this particular piece at about ten times what I paid for it at silent auction. Geez. I feel sort of guilty, but hey, nobody bid over me. Or, now that I reflect on it it...I don't think that anyone did. I didn't exactly see the paper right before it was picked up from the table and the line to pay was so long that I decided to just let the organizers contact me (they said it was okay to do that). Hmmm. Maybe I didn't buy this piece of art after all. I have no way of knowing until Monday.

Stay tuned for the answer, my Loyal Ones.

Jack has his first baseball game today and if his team wins with even half the gusto Jack had when he creamed me at Monopoly this morning, it ought to be a very good day for Jack. I will post pictures of his cute little team later today.

Bye for now from BloomingtonGirl, Art Collector.

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