Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lucky Seven (Rated NC-40)

Good evening, Loyal Readers. Tonight, I will be writing about a racy topic. S-E-X. In particular, married S-E-X, thus the NC-40 rating, since this applies most to people of a certain age.)

Given the topic herein, if you are my father-in-law, or mother-in-law, you might wish to skip this entry and check back in a couple of days for a new BloomingtonGirl post. I don't have to write the same for my own parents because they do not read my blog, being completely non-computer people.

You've been warned.

My husband and I have been married for almost ten years now. As most long-time married couples (especially those with children) can attest, the frequency of a certain amorous activity decreases slightly (or greatly as the case may be) over time. Especially if you start out doing it with the frequency and enthusiasm of some young love birds, you just can't keep pace with the early days. Let's face it. How would you ever get anything else done?

Anyway, the other day, I got this wacky idea in my head. I thought, We should do it every night for a full week and in a different position each night to boot. I have no idea what prompted me to come up with this. I wasn't dissatisfied with my current situation. - after all, I am happy to have some nights off to read a book in bed. When I came up with my idea, I wasn't reading some stupid romance novel or watching Lifetime TV for Women. I just thought it sounded like a good idea to ramp thing up a bit, just to see what resulted. I suggested it to Chris the next morning and he agreed to take the seven day challenge.

I won't disclose any of the details of the activities of our challenge - after all, your BloomingtonGirl is nothing if not discreet - but I will say that on day five, well, hmmm...Okay, I admit it. On day five, I stumbled, I fell. I fell asleep early, to be exact. And now, we have to start all over again.

The unexpected benefits of the first four days, however, convinced me that I should suggest the Seven Day Challenge (or Seven Days of Lovin', as my friend L calls it) to others. Today alone, I suggested it to four women, three of whom I am sure will start this challenge on this very night. If their husbands agree, that is. And, that is all but certain, isn't it?

So, Loyal Married Readers and Readers who Live with Significant Others...take the Seven Day Challenge. It is an interesting endeavor and one that is bound to result in only good things. (Well, I suppose it could result in pulled muscles or the like if you are not in very good be careful if you are one of those people, okay?)

I don't think I will report more on the topic, other than to say that the results of even four days were surprising and fun. I have to go now to...well, you know.


Anonymous said...

How can there be no comments about this entry? Who else is mad at Joni for making all of the rest of us wives look bad??? Women, unite!

Perk said...

I'll comment--What about us husbands? Not that I'm mad. More deprived I'd say...As for Joni: You go, girl! ;-)

What I'm pondering is the 7th position...I can only come up with 6...I guess my education was incomplete.

Anonymous said...

perk, thank you for pointing out the fact that after reading "lucky seven", one does not feel challenged to a seven night sexcapade, but instead challenged to think of as many sexual positions as possible. I did find one aspect of the last post perplexing... I realize that parents "do it"(It's a well known fact that your parents have had sex at least as many times as the number of children in your family). But I'm just a little confused how you made it past the first night, as everyone knows that parents only know ONE POSITION. "the baby maker"

Dirty Ho said...

i'm shocked.