Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Neckmeat thanks BloomingtonGirl

The picture at left is a thank-you note that your BloomingtonGirl received this very morning from Neckmeat. If you haven't heard of Neckmeat, today is your lucky day. Check out his hit music video by clicking HERE. The Meat is my friend Jimmy, whom I call Yummy Jimmy because he is so, well, Yummy. The lovely woman in the thank-you note photos is his fiancee, Burgess, who will make Neckmeat the happiest of all men later this year. The man in the red coat is my guru, my oracle, Jack's unofficially official Godfather, David.

The delightful thank-you note is a tribute to your BloomingtonGirl's LuckyGuy Bakery (brand) HoosierMama Brownies. They are shown here being savored at Point Reyes National Park in Northern California.

(I do know that there are a couple of Loyal Readers to whom I owe some LuckyGuy treats. All I can say is remember that good things come to those who wait.)

I could write more but alas, obligation calls. Chris and I are watching The Sopranos tonight.

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KinderhookChef said...

I do so love your Brownies!