Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Really Stupid Video Game and BloomingtonGirl Steps Out of Her Comfort Zone

I have nothing much to post tonight because I did nothing much at all today. Well, that isn't exactly true. I did four loads of laundry, cleaned my living room, made dinner for a sick friend and played a frustrating and (in my opinion) pretty stupid computer game for about an hour this afternoon. Why? Because I promised the little guy at left that I would try his favorite game, Alpha Team, which is on the Lego web site. He has been begging me to try it and making me promise (in advance) to like it. He has been a bit crushed because his best friends (understandably) have no interest in the tiresome game. It is really a game that only a mother could love so Jack has been counting on me to love the game with him.

Without going into all the boring details, I will tell you that I felt sort of car sick and completely disoriented trying to get to the endpoint of the game. One of the problems with the game is that it isn't clear what the hell the endpoint is. Well, it isn't clear to me, anyway. But, Jack seems to know exactly what to do and where to go to win. When he got home from school, he helped me in a few critical ways and then cheered me on to the finish. When the "Mission Accomplished! Good Job Agent!" screen appeared, Jack was practically choked up with joy. "Mommy! You're Great!" Then he exclaimed, "Goddest!" (Is that like the best of the Gods? God? Godder? Goddest? I would correct him, but I want to be Goddest, Goddamnit.) Then, Jack threw his arms around me and planted the most enthusiastic of kisses on my cheek. It was worth the hour of motion-sickness-inducing drudgery to get that reaction, even though I didn't haven't a clue what mission I actually did accomplish. The only downside now is that I get to go on to the next level. Oh Joy.

But in the bigger picture of my life, I believe that this might have been my Eureka! middle-aged moment. Our parents didn't know how to program the phone or use the VCR and apparently my lot is that I can't figure out a video game that my six-year old has mastered. Technology is passing your poor BloomingtonGirl by. But, truth be told, I don't care much. And its a good thing, too. If I cared, I would have to spend time keeping up with the latest technology and that, Loyal Readers, would lessen the time I have to studying the latest trends in cosmetic dermatology. After all, one has to have one's priorities.

In other news, I am being considered for a seat on a board of an organization I admire and want to be associated with. I am meeting with the director tomorrow to discuss it. If he thinks I would be a good addition, I will be formally proposed as a board member. I attended one of their board meetings this week and was surprised at the extent to which I felt unsure of myself and my abilities in this setting.

As my loyal readers know, I have been a stay-at-homemaker for over six years now and have completely left the working world behind. I have been, for the most part, content in my little-lady role and have felt competent - indeed quite accomplished -at certain aspects of my job. Cleaning and cooking are my best skills, followed by parenting, which is always needing some work. And, if I may say so, my wife-ing abilities are exemplary. Let's face it, I completely spoil my husband. What other wife do you know who cooks an interesting meal from scratch most nights, rubs her husbands feet nightly while he watches the Colbert Report, folds his underwear neatly before putting them in his bureau and on top of that, proposes the Seven Day Challenge?

But, even with all my Martha Stewart-ey home-making achievement, I feel pretty rusty in my outside world skills. Worry not, though. I am still going to join the board (if they will have me) and trust that I will grow more confident in my role. It will be good for me to venture out of my comfort zone.

I'll keep you posted on my progress at becoming a board member. Wow! Your BloomingtonGirl, a real Board Member! This calls for some theme music.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT THEME MUSIC!!! Great choice.

My favorite shows when I was a kid were MTM and That Girl. Gotta love'em