Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Letter Day (Thursday), BloomingtonGirl Takes a Nap and BloomingtonGirl Discovers a Miracle Product

This is a picture of Jack taken about a month ago at the Indy zoo. He was posing by a trash can because one of his favorite games is Junkbot Undercover, a game on the Lego site that features a robot who has to get to the garbage cans in order to eat them. It's a fun game, actually.

Try it out. But, be warned. It can be addictive.

Thursday was a Red Letter Day for my little guy. He spent the day in the 6-9 year old classroom (aka first through third grade) at his school and felt quite mighty at the end of it. He thinks Kindergarten is "way easy" now and has a six-year old's version of Senior-itis. I'll have to be watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't start skipping school and partying during the last month of his final Kindergarten semester.

After his big day in the big kid class, Jack had his very first team sport practice EVER. Keep in mind that Jack is not a kid who is keen on sports to begin with much less a team sport. But, for some fortunate reason, he has taken an interest in baseball and agreed to be on a team. He was, as is his nature, a wreck before the practice. What if there are bullies? What if I get really hurt? What if I make mistakes?

I could see how nervous he was when we approached the field and I was jubilant (and no, that is not too strong a word) when I saw him take to the thing like a fish in water. He LOVED it. The team is a riot to watch. Like the Keystone Cops running around willy-nilly. The kids don't yet understand that when a hit is made, the runners should leave their respective bases and advance. It makes for two kids on a base at the same time. Then, they get confused and set out for the next base together in a sort of ill-conceived race. It is far more interesting and entertaining than well played baseball. If you ask me, that is. And isn't that why you are reading BloomingtonGirl? To ask me?

Yesterday, your BloomingtonGirl felt under the weather with fatigue and a sore throat. As a result, I skipped the gym and TOOK A NAP. I enjoyed the nap immensely and felt that I really needed it but then, as is my nature, I felt sort of guilty about it. Isn't that ridiculous? After all, it isn't that I had anything pressing to do. I had cleaned the house from top to bottom on Thursday for a showing (to someone who didn't make an offer) and I was reasonably caught up on laundry and correspondence. So there, Guilt. Take a hike, you pleasure-ruiner-you.

This is a picture of me taken earlier this evening. Uou probably cannot tell from this photo, but BloomingtonGirl is wearing a miracle facial product called Clarin's Perfectly Smooth.
Granted, this is not a great picture of me to say the least, but I would like to think that it shows (a little) that the $27 I spent on Perfectly Smooth was worth the money and that the product has lived up to its claim to make my skin appear, well, Perfectly Smooth.

What is Perfectly Smooth? I think that the best way to describe it is Spackle for the Face. It is a translucent sort of waxy substance that easily glides onto your skin and fills in large pores, potholes and wrinkles. It really does make your pores appear smaller (no small thing for your pore-sized obsessed BloomingtonGirl) and it makes wrinkles appear less deep without looking like you are wearing make-up. It is perhaps one of the best cosmetic counter investments I have ever made and those who have known me for many years, know that this is a huge claim. And though I almost NEVER frequent the cosmetic counters these days for make-up or skin care, you can be sure that I will continue to beat a path to the Clarins Counter for my Face Spackle. I can't even leave the house without it now. I LOVE the stuff.

Well, time for my beauty sleep, though I probably don't need quite as much now that I have found the miracle cure for facial flaws.


Anonymous said...

Dear Perfectly smooth,

I would like to try the paint spackle product! Is it environmentally friendly with a honeysuckle scent? I know you don't care for smells, so I assume it isn't too offensive. Also, does it feel like you have a mask on your face? because I really do not like that. If you rest your cheek against a window or a mirror, will a perfect print of your skin remain? What if your man hasn't shaved, and lightly puts his cheek to yours, will your perfectly smooth face spackle become a cast of his unshaven face?

These are all questions I must have answered before I purchase said product.

I miss you! call me soon please!

BloomingtonGirl said...

Chuchee? Is it you?