Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Feet

Loyal Readers, at left are my newly fashioned HAPPY FEET courtesy of my husband's wallet and Mira Salon. I do not normally pay for pedicures because I can do my own, but I needed to treat myself today after living through the disaster also known as yesterday. I know the variety of colors are sort of silly looking, especially on a woman my age, but somebody needs to stir it up and why shouldn't that someone be me?

I have to admit that colored toes or not, I had to drag myself through this day, so tired was I from all the self-induced stress I experienced yesterday. Jack had two friends over this AM while their mom took their older brother to the dentist. It was completely stress free to have these kids because they are totally easy and they get along incredibly well with Jack. After that, I hired a sitter so I could run some errands and swim (at the outdoor pool!!!!) and get the aforementioned pedicure.

For dinner, I made a delicious Thai Stir-Fry, proving I could still get it together to be a domestic goddess even though I was wiped out from being a domestic head case only 24 hours before. Dinner was really great and I think that all my Loyal Readers should click on the link and make the dish for themselves. It is yummy and easy.

Tonight, though I would rather crawl into bed and finish my last beloved Lucia book, I have to go to a meeting of the board on which I am a member. Your BloomingtonGirl cannot shirk her duties to improve the world no matter how tired she is.

In other news, our realtor called in the afternoon to request a copy of the blue-line drawings of our house and a plat plan (or whatever the outside plan is called.) It turns out that the couple who saw the house yesterday really (really) likes it and wants to show their architect the drawings so that they can brainstorm on the appropriate location of an indoor lap pool. How great is this? I ran the plans over to the realtor lickety-split and did a little dance for the gods of realty. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Well, I must go and kiss my kid goodnight and powder my nose and choose the appropriate sandals to showcase my carnival toes. Then, I am off to save the world.


dick said...

Beautiful feet and pretty toes!!

BloomingtonGirl said...

You're the best. I can always count on you for a pick-me-up.
And, by the way...your maple syrup won a recent taste test at our house. We are running out so I will be sending some Mighty Molasses Cookies your way.

Anonymous said...

I like your toe nails. I have been trying to grow mine. See, I didn't know that there was an "appropriate" and "lady-like" toenail length. I always just let them be. If they ripped or turned black or fell off, it didn't faze me. I still worse sandals. My toes are stubby, and so are my toenails. I never ever questioned this... UNTIL a couple of weeks ago, when I was SCOLDED. I was getting a pedicure (something I do from time to time - mostly for the massage part) when the lady grabbed my stubby toes, and called over the other lady to point out the short length of my toenails. THEN, they both started instructing me "TOO SHORT!!! TOOOOOO SHORT!" they actually made tisk tisk noises and shook their heads!! So by this point, I'm a shade of purple, when the lady next to me told me "dear, the toenail should extend just over the tip of the toe". Then she showed off her perfect length toenails.

Since this encounter, I've been growing mine, and will not get a pedicure again until further notice. I've also noticed the length of everyone's toenails (as I was certain others were also unaware of this toenail rule.) But apparently, they are. I'm glad to report that New Yorkers have very nice and appropriate toenails. And it appears, so do you.

I can't wait to seeee you!