Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Can't Believe Wii Did This!

Spent the entire evening at BestBuy waiting to buy the Wii, that is. The Wii is pictured at left and to my uneducated, un-gaming eyes, it doesn't look like much. But I hear that it is the best thing since BloomingtonGirl's Blog, so I am hopeful that the McGary family will enjoy it.

You are - and with good reason - asking yourself why wii bought a Wii, when wii are a household that has never had a gaming system and has not, until late, ever thought of getting one.

Jack had no exposure to video games until the past year when he began playing them at his "second home", his best friends Frannie & Gus's house. They have a Game Cube which is completely adequate for any kid Jack's age. Indeed, Jack would have been thrilled to have a (relatively) simple Game Cube. The Game Cube is being phased out however, so it didn't make sense (to me) to buy one when wii wouldn't be able to get games for it in the near future. The Wii seemed like the thing to get since it plays all the Game Cube games (Gotta have Mario Brothers) and because it seemed as if it would be really fun for our whole extended family to play, some of whom are visiting this weekend.

For those of you who don't know, the Wii is hard to get. When they first came out last November, people slept out in line to get one. Since then, they come in drips and drabs and they sell out as soon as they are unloaded from a truck. To get one, you have to line up and wait and wait and wait or you have to hit the store that has it with impossibly great timing.

At BestBuy, if you are interested in buying a Wii, you first try to find a salesperson who will tell you what day a shipment is coming in and how many Wiis will be on the truck. Some will tell you specifically and others are tight lipped. I don't know why they are tight lipped...maybe they just love lording their Wii power over the public. The two female clerks who gave me specific information were rewarded with LuckyGuy Bakery Oatmeal Jacksons. So there, tight lipped people. And, as extra insurance, I brought a bag of cookies with me tonight in case I needed them.

Anyway, Chris and I both went because we bought two systems - one for us and one for a friend. It is a strict one per person policy. Wii waited for about 3 hours, which went by fairly quickly because wii made some friends with the other people in the line up. I took a few pictures of other Wii hopefuls who also got there pretty early. The real late comers didn't deserve to be in my blog and more importantly, they were not offered cookies. (I do know that the pictures are flipped backwards. I tried to fix this and couldn't easily, so I am counting on my Loyal Readers to overlook this technical difficulty.)

This picture is of the finest man I know, good naturedly waiting for his Wii. He went extra early and got a tutorial on the latest television technology. I say (outwardly) that we don't need a new TV but I am secretly hoping that the finest man I know will buy one of the new BIG really high resolution LCDs for us. If he read my blog, he would read of my hope and it wouldn't be a secret anymore. But alas, he is not a Loyal Reader.

This picture is of Mitch and Thalia. Thalia is actually a teacher in the half-day preschool at Jack's Montessori School. I did a staff profile piece on her for the "Montessori Messenger" earlier this year and her answers to my little questions for the interview were really impressive. She is a very cool and very smart person. Mitch is her husband, who just got his masters degree in Music Theory. And, here they are, waiting for their Wii, a graduation present for Mitch. He was SO excited to get it. They loved my cookies and are the cutest couple!

And here is a recent IU graduate whose name I am sorry to say I don't know. I do know that he was in The Crucible this past year at IU and that I saw him in that production. I also know that he is about to have a second interview at NBC in New York. But what I thought was most fun about this young man was that after he got his Wii, he was going to go back to his apartment for a pizza-eating contest among friends. In this contest, which apparently happens with some regularity, each guy orders a "Big Ten Special" from a pizza place that delivers. The Big Ten consists of a large pizza, an order of bread sticks and a large soda. The one who finishes it first, or at all, wins. He refused a cookie because he didn't want to spoil his appetite.
And last of the first in line, but not least, is Dr. David Lee, a radiation oncologist. He refused a cookie, saying that he had just eaten. I don't see what "just having eaten" has to do with anything. Isn't a cookie perfect for right after you have just eaten? I think it is called dessert. But, cookie or not, David was a pleasant and informative line-mate. He knew lots about different gaming systems and seemed like an expert to us.

So, now I am home in bed. Wii didn't feel like setting up the Wii tonight so I will do it tomorrow before Jack gets home from school. I hope wii like it.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Dessert has 2 s's..........

and good luck setting it up.

You will get to know some nice people in India.....but you will have a frustrating experience.

This is your horoscope for Friday!

BloomingtonGirl said...

So noted and corrected. I often get the dessert/desert thing wrong. I hope that doesn't mean that my baked goods are too dry.

The set-up of the Wii appeared to go okay but I am already completely frustrated with it. More on that one later...

KinderhookChef said...

Your baked goods are anything but dry!!