Friday, May 18, 2007

NOW I Remember !

Loyal Readers, I hope that you are sitting down because this story might create a bit of a shock to your system. Especially if you are a Loyal Fan of the LuckyGuy Bakery.

Earlier this week, I had a spill on the bottom of my top oven. It got baked on and created quite a mess in the oven, not to mention in the air in my house. A couple of days later, I attempted to scrub out the mess only to find it was nearly impossible to remove the baked-on stuff. My (wonderful) mother-in-law advised that I use my self-cleaning feature. She asked why I didn't use it regularly and I really couldn't come up with an answer. Why didn't I, I wondered. Why not just do it?

So, today at about 9 AM, I turned the oven on to clean. The top oven locked and began the four hour cycle. The bottom oven did nothing and I still don't know whether this was normal or some kind of malfunction.

I should have waited to clean the ovens until Chris was at work because soon after I started the cleaning cycle, he commented that the fumes were probably carcinogenic and just plain smelled bad. He did have a point. The air was becoming rather baked and acrid smelling. To ease my anxious husband's fears of toxin inhalation, I opened some windows. But the problem with opening the windows was that it was about fifty degrees outside. As a result, it got really cold in the kitchen and in my adjacent office. Besides, it didn't help all that much. The air inside, though cold, continued to be pretty nasty to breathe.

But a much more inconvenient thing awaited your BloomingtonGirl.

After about two hours of breathing the allegedly carcinogenic baked air, and freezing my you-know-what off, I wandered over to the oven to see how much time was left in the cleaning cycle. I was surprised to see that the control panel was completely dark. The oven was locked and appeared to be completely dead.

It was at that moment when I remembered why I didn't use my cleaning function on the oven. The last time I did it, the control panel got fried and the ovens locked shut and couldn't be used. A repair man came out to fix it and told me that the previous owner had recently had the same repair done after he had run the cleaning cycle. I didn't have to pay for the new part since it was under warranty because it had just been replaced. However, I do remember paying for the labor.

I wonder whether this time I will have to pay for both. I am going to call KitchenAid on Monday and demand that they give me a new oven. So there.

I'll let you know how it goes with KitchenAid.