Monday, May 28, 2007

Way too busy

A long overdue HELLO! to my loyal readers from your BloomingtonGirl!

The past couple of weeks have been far too busy for me. Now that it has quieted down a bit, I don't even know what to do with myself. Other than clean, that is. I have gotten into the habit of keeping this house in Show Ready Condition. As a result, I can't seem to shake the feeling that no matter what I am doing, I should be cleaning instead. Some people might call this a mental illness. Others, such as my mother, would call it right thinking. I am not sure where I weigh in on the issue, but I know that I am not strong enough to fight the urge completely. I will certainly be cleaning something later today. I can't help it.

Our house remains on the market with no offers but a decent flow of lookers. My husband suggested recently that we just take it off the market and settle in for the long term. The timing of this suggestion was a bit irritating because it came precisely when I had really gotten my mind around selling this place. The idea to sell was his in the first place and none of the reasons -- all very sound --for selling has changed. His change of heart appeared to have taken place after playing Bocce Ball in the back yard with his parents during their visit. The weather was perfect, the yard sublime for Bocce. Why not just stay?

I, of course, took my husband to task on changing his wishy-washy mind based on a half-hour game in the yard on a nice day. My husband's response was that his change of heart wasn't just a Bocce Ball Epiphany but the result of several days of enjoying the lovely spring on our little estate.

Several days. Well then.

In all fairness, I am ambivalent about selling as well, as all my long suffering friends can confirm. I speak of almost nothing else and ask everyone what they think we should do. The votes are decidedly mixed, so it no help at all.

But, the real bottom line here is that nobody has made an offer and so all this mental you-know-what is probably just that. We cannot decide to sell if there is no buyer, correct? But, it is in my nature to continue to mull it over. And to clean and clean and clean and clean...

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dick said...

What should you do? "Mildew" as my Grandpa Boyer would say. One of those old fashioned sayings that I use quite often in my older age.