Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Worst Mother of the Year gets PMS

Loyal Readers, it is hard for me to admit to being such a crank but today I feel that I must. I have really bad PMS and although I would like to think that I can rise above it, I just can't.

For instance, Jack has a friend here for the entire day. I volunteered to take care of the friend because his mom had to work. She placed him in my care, trusting in my abilities as a thoughtful and smart mother. Sadly, I am failing miserably at deserving that trust. Sure, the kids probably won't get emergency-room hurt on my watch. But I am not taking care of their little brains and fostering their development as people. If I were, wouldn't I be playing some enriching game with the little guys right now rather than blogging on and on about myself? Of course I would.

But, here I sit, blogging in my bedroom on my laptop while I allow the two six year-old boys to ruin their brains doing computer games ALL MORNING. I had planned to limit them but Jack and his friend clearly were going to sulk in a big way if they didn't get to play Dragon Vector - whateverthehellthatis. I just have no patience with it today.

So, I said the hell with it and shirked my mothering responsibilities and let them have at it on the computer. Fine, if they want to rot their brians, so be it.

I post this for two reasons. One, to confess to you my mothering sins. Two, I want to put all mothers reading this on alert that I am NOT a good choice for taking care of your offspring. I will ruin them. I will.

I must go now to round up the brain-dead rascals for our trip to the local pool. My standard of care there is simple. If they don't drown, I am a success.

More later on this PMS station.

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