Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gold Fingers & Wishy-Washy People

Loyal Readers, if only I could show you the true beauty of my new gold nails! I applied OPI shade "Golden Rules" tonight to my lovely nails and at left is a reasonable facsimile of the results. The beauty salon lady assured me that "Gold is the new neutral!", so I felt quite confident putting it on to wear around town. After all, a neutral is good anytime, right?

Painting my nails while sipping a delicious glass of wine was the most relaxing thing I did all day long. It was either this activity or a mindless chick-flick. I didn't really want to waste two hours on a bad movie, so I decided to do my nails, sip wine and write a post to you.

I spent most of the day cleaning the house for a showing and worrying that the showees might actually want to BUY our house. Most normal couples selling their house would be excited to have someone get serious about buying. And, at one point, we probably would have been excited about it. But, lately, we are having BIG second thoughts about selling, so an offer is just the thing that we don't want to get.

Chris and I talked and talked earlier this evening and made a decision (or at least it seemed like a decision) about what to do about selling the house or staying in it.

As with all things, it is always wise to sleep on it and announce it in the morning.

Stay tuned if you can stand it. I am not sure that I can.

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