Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How Cute is This?

Loyal Readers! Behold what might just become my new favorite swimsuit. I ordered this fun little lap swimming suit and expect it to be delivered within a week. Sadly, they only had two sizes left and one was FAR too small and the other was one size up from what I usually wear. But, here's hoping.

I know it is a silly suit, but I am a silly girl. And I just couldn't resist the hilarious peanuts on the derriere. C'mon, Loyal Readers. You can't resist their humorous charm either, can you?

To ease the worries of my less sartorially liberal readers, I ordered a couple of more conservative suits as well. Heck, let's post them, too! Lest you think that I am a complete shopaholic, I want to inform you that I plan on keeping two suits MAX.

I think that I actually ordered the paisley number in a different color but for some reason, I cannot find the one I ordered on the site. What likely happened is that my order started a stampede of orders from other girls wanting to look like your BloomingtonGirl. What can I say?

In other other news, the couple who asked for our architectural plans is coming back with their architect tomorrow for another look. It suddenly occurs to us that we might actually sell this house and I have to say that it fills us with trepidation. Where will we go? There is no house out there that we want very much. And, I am not keen on leaving this general neighborhood. We had one possibility that looked like something we might have wanted but it fell through completely about tweny minutes ago. As Tony Soprano would say...Whattaya Gonna Do?

Well, I'll tell ya whattimgonnado. I am going to set up appointments to look at a few more houses this week and if nothing looks remotely promising, maybe we will just take the house off the market.
Or not.

Oh, yeah! Almost forgot. Two years ago, on the morning of Meg's wedding, Chris and I went to the Bloomington Farmer's Market to purchase flowers for the ceremony. On that day, a photographer was taking pictures for a book on Farmer's Markets and asked us to pose with our flowers. Today, I saw a poster advertising the book at BloomingFoods. Loyal Readers, there we were...on the poster! Sadly, we didn't make it in the book. But, it is fun to be on the poster.

Well, I am off to bed to fire up my laptop and look for houses.


Steph said...

Great suits all around! How will you decide?

BloomingtonGirl said...

Ah, dear Steph,
Deciding will be easy. The suit that makes me look most like a babe wins!
As soon as they arrive, I will post the winning suit.