Friday, June 22, 2007


Loyal Readers, I am writing with a fatter font today to reflect what I look like after almost a week of travel, though I don't know if it will translate onto the actual blog. After six days of travel, I feel as if I am on a rock tour, though I am not performing rock music, or any music for that matter, whatsoever. This has been a wonderful trip in that we are seeing many old friends but it has been very tiring and has caused all manner of pesky water weight gain.

I am writing to you from our final destination. We are in upstate NY, Springfield Center to be exact, staying with our good friends Cindy and David Staley. It is a quiet, slow paced place where I could happily spend lots more time.

As exciting and as good as it was to be in Manhattan and the surrounding area, I have to admit that was equally good to get out of that frenzied pace. I really do think that I have slowed down since I have lived in the Mid West and I wasn't entirely aware of the extent to which my mind and my pace has changed until this trip. It brings to mind a song. Put your hands together, Loyal Readers!

We head back to the heartland tomorrow, where I plan to shed my travel pounds and get back into shape again. More later.

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