Saturday, June 09, 2007

In God We Trust

Those local Loyal Readers know that this is the controversial new specialty license plate issued by the US Lovin', God Fearin' state of Indiana. The reason this plate is controversial is NOT because GOD and the US Flag are featured. The reason this plate is controversial is that it is the only one of 75 (yes count em, 75) specialty plates that does not cost a premium over the standard Indiana plate. This specialty plate is offered free of charge to the Patriotic Faithful at the expense of tax-payers like myself who have to pay a premium for their non God & Country specialty license plates.

First of all, I think that any specialty plate is rather silly and confusing. I say let's go back to the simple days when you could recognize what state a car was from because each state had ONE SIMPLE PLATE. If someone wants to Save the Bay or put Children First or practice Breast Cancer Awareness, they can do it by wearing a T-shirt and writing a check or, if they MUST proclaim their beliefs on their vehicle, by by putting a bumper sticker on their car.

But, I digress from the specific (FREE!) plate that prompted this post in the first place.

Those who know me - and I guess that includes all of my Loyal Readers - will not be surprised that this new Church and State Plate makes me crazy. I would like to say that I am grown up enough not to get a little pissed off every time I see one of these. But, because it's just us, Loyal Readers, I feel that I can admit that I DO get irritated every single time I see one of these plates. It just plain rubs me the wrong way to see tax payer dollars used to proclaim one groups' faith in their deity. It's the whole separation of Church and State thing. Or more accurately, the whole mingling of Church (mostly the Christian one) and State thing. I know, you will say that "In God We Trust" is on all of our money. Yes, it is. And, I can let that be. I just don't see why we need to invent new opportunities to mingle God and government.

But what really gets me the most, is when I see one of these plates on a giant, gas-guzzling SUV. The first thought that comes to mind is that these people should put a finishing phrase on a bumper sticker right next to the plate. The whole sentiment would read:

In God We Trust to Keep the Oil Coming to the Good Old US of A.


Valerie said...

Why is it okay on money but not license plates?!

Steph said...

I am totally with ya, sista! if folks want those plates, they should have to pay extra for them - just like all the others!!! No freebies here. And I love the new tag line item! ;-)