Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Tale of Two Necklaces

I recently obtained two necklaces. One, I purchased for myself this very morning at the Farmer's Market Art Show. The other, I caused my husband to purchase for me by dropping shameless hints over and over again last Saturday about a certain (very reasonably priced) necklace made of tiny autumn colored faceted sapphire beads.

It is probably obvious which necklace I purchased for myself and which my husband got at a jewelry store. But, in case it is not, the first picture shows me in my fine jewelry finery and the second shows me in my silly new piece of costume jewelry.

Sadly, the first picture does not do justice to the beautiful sparkling colors in the delicate neclace. My Loyal Readers will have to be content to imagine the play of light on the petite garland about my shapely neck and shoulders.
The second picture requires very little imagination. This necklace is right out there. What you can't tell is that it is made out of RUBBER. The beads are made by using actual Sycamore Tree round thing-a-ma-bobbies). The artist who does this jewelry has some really wild stuff. It is worth a visit to her web page just to see what she does.

I want to go on and on about my new necklaces, but alas, time does not allow. I am off to a birthday party. One of Jack's friends, that is. I never imagined I would be having such wild Saturday nights in the Midwest.

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