Friday, June 15, 2007

There's No Place Like It on Earth

New York, that is. Each time I visit (since we moved to Bloomington), I am surprised again at how much I have missed the energy of this city. The minute I get off the plane at LaGuardia, I feel as if I am home again. It is so bustling and so familiar. I used to be in that airport a couple of times a week when I travelled for work. Who knew an airport could make me feel nostalgia.

We are so lucky this weekend to be staying at a wonderful apartment with a spectacular view of Central Park. Kate's boyfriend's grandparents are lending us their place, as they have generously done before, while they are away. It is such luxury to not have to stay in a hotel.

Kate, Chris and Jack are out getting pizza for Jack and his babysitter, who will be arriving any minute now. This babysitter has been our favorite sitter in Bloomington for the past three years and she has recently moved to Manhattan to join her wonderful boyfriend, who is also one of our favorite sitters. How cool is that?

Well, I am off for wine and cheese at the Metropolitan Museum. Hooray!

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