Tuesday, July 03, 2007

BloomingtonGirl Brags

Loyal Readers, I am sure that you have been wondering where your BloomingtonGirl was during this week-long absence. Well, I've been doing a couple of things, mostly. One, I have been sleeping. (I fear that I have either mono or I am anemic. I shall know after my doc's appointment). Second, I have been in my kitchen, playing the role of homemaker extraordinaire.

Since mono and anemia are quite dull, let us not waste any time on those subjects. (I don't want to become one of those ghastly people who when asked how he or she is doing/feeling, actually tell the real truth to the poor person who is asking. Eek.)

So, rather than dwell on the tedious health of your BloomingtonGirl, let's jump right to the riches coming out of her bustling kitchen, shall we?

One of my recent projects was a carry-over from an auction that happened some time ago for Jack's school. I made some cookies for sale and part of the deal was that the buyer got to take home the cookies and then order another set for delivery to a friend. Most people never order the second delivery but one lucky buyer did. She was in need of four hostess gifts for a trip she was taking and she asked if I could divide up the one large package into four smaller ones. And, she requested that I name the cookies after her, her husband and her daughter. So, I did.

Here are some photos of the project. One is of chocolate chip cookie batter ready to be chilled and the other is of the finished packaging.

The picture of the packages is actually of four "towers" of three types of cookies. Three of the "towers" are white and the fourth is craft colored. (The craft store didn't have enough white packs, but since four different people were getting the gifts, they didn't have to be uniform. Here is a close up of one set: (By the way, you can click on any photo and it will come up bigger if you want a close up.)

I am not going to lie, Loyal Readers. I was pretty pleased with my handy-work. Truth be told, I was feeling a little low after our trip to the East Coast and this project was just what the doctor ordered. It is my little art form. Yes, I know I could be spending my time on loftier goals, like world peace or just


But, at the end of the day, I have to ask myself how I can be most effective in making the world a better place. The answer is always that I am most effective doing my humble little homemaking gig. People are happy when they get my cookies and that makes the world a better place, one person at a time. I really do believe this, as hokey as it sounds.

Enough of the philosophy thing. Let's move on to the other domestic projects that have been taking up my time.

As I mentioned some time ago, I was asked to be on a local Board of Directors. I accepted and it has been one of the most exciting and satisfying things I have done since moving to this wonderful culturally rich little town. The organization is Cardinal Stage Company and it is the real deal as far as theatre is concerned. It is Bloomington's first professional theatre company and it is an amazing organization.

More on the greatness of Cardinal Stage in a later post. Believe me, it is worth learning about.

I am the Chair of the Stewardship Committee, which is essentially responsible for taking good care of our donors, an activity that is right up my alley. In that spirit, I am making cookie gifts for everyone who donated money last year. Here is a photo of the bags, ready to be filled with cookies and thank-you notes.
It is a labor of love, believe me. I get such satisfaction creating something that looks nice and that will make the recipient feel festive. Call me corny. I can take it. They will be delivered on Thursday afternoon and good money says that those receiving them will be repeat donors. Yessirree.

In other news, there isn't much...other news, that is. I think that I shall sign off and get ready for bed.

Bye for now, Loyal Readers.

PS...there are a couple new recipes on my recipe blog. You might want to check them out...

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Steph said...

Please do keep doing your part to save the world, one cookie at a time. I believe it makes a difference, too! (I have a similar philosophy about sharing the joy of tea.)

BTW - I am attending the writing retreat this weekend. Am excited and nervous.