Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Loyal Readers, yesterday when I was writing about all my little kitchen crafts, I forgot to post about the other important kitchen work I accomplished the other day. In fact, it is THE most MidWestern activity I have done since moving to Bloomington! (Other than gaining ten pounds of Hoosier Lard on my East Coast body over the past three years, but that is a topic for another time.)


Yep, it's true. BloomingtonGirl made pickles the other day using farm fresh cucumbers I got at the stellar Bloomington Farmers Market. I saw what looked like a nice recipe in Food and Wine Magazine and decided to go for it. Below are the pictures of

Every canning kitchen needs a big pot with a thermometer. This pot is actually a Lobster Pot, which after getting precious little use in the heartland, has found a new job.

Here is the pickling solution with the onions added. The solution is a mixture of cider vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds, celery seeds, coarsely ground black pepper and tumeric.

Here are the six pounds of uniformly sliced cucumbers added in. I sliced them on my mandoline (thoughtfully given to me by my friend Val for my wedding shower.) These cucumbers were first brined in a salt solution overnight to impart flavor and crispness.

Here is an exciting picture of a jar of delicious pickles going into the processing bath. Note the fancy canning tongs purchased earlier in the day at Bloomington Hardware. Boy, did I feel like a real woman using those babies!

And, last but not least, here is a picture of the final product! They are much more gorgeous in real life, truly.

I know you are wondering how they tasted. I had about a quarter of a pint of pickles left over after canning six pints so I refrigerated them and tried them later in the day. They were crisp and tasty but I plan to modify the recipe on the next batch to give them more of a punch. Still, for a first effort, they weren't bad at all.


KinderhookChef said...

You sure do wonders with a pickle! I love Homemade canned pickles. I just got finished making about 15 half pints of blackcap jam, not to be confused with blackberry jam, whose lusciuos berries should be ripe in another couple of weeks. Maybe if BloomingtonChef is good I will send her some jam along with her long awaited special dark maple syrup.

BloomingtonGirl said...

I'll be good. I promise. I can't reciprocate yet with pickles,though, if you send me some jam and syrup. They aren't up to Kinderhookchef quality yet. In another few weeks, though, I should have my work with pickles perfected and then I'll send some along.

Steph said...

My mouth is watering just looking at these! I spent yesterday making blueberry jam, my first attempt. Turned out well, and for that I'm grateful!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm afraid to can, Midwestern girl though I may be. They look beautiful. MKP