Monday, August 27, 2007

Distracted by the Bird

The Cardinal, that is. As in the Stage Company. Your BloomingtonGirl has been working hard, raising money for this exciting theatre company.

(I haven't checked with our admin person to see if any checks with BloomingtonGirl in the memo line have arrived at our PO Box, but I am sure that my loyal readers won't let me down. For mailing information, see the post previous to this one.)

I am finding that this development work is the perfect combination of working with theatre (which I have always LOVED) and doing business development (which I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed). And, it is for an organization about which I am totally excited.

The downside is that I am not writing as much and am not keeping my correspondence up - either on the phone or in this blog. I hope that my friends will cut me some slack on my being a bit AWOL lately.

In other news, I have been following the dermatologist's orders and I have not been doing any canning. However, tomorrow if time allows, I am going to put up some Pomegranate jam and later in the week, I am going to make a large batch of Chow Chow. The jam requires no cutting or chopping so it shouldn't bother my hands at all. The Chow Chow is a different story altogether. It requires chopping 15 pounds of stuff. But, my loyal readers will be happy to know that I plan to take really good care of my hands in the process and pamper them in a big way afterward. If my hands suffer a bit, well, so be it. I am just crazy for this Chow Chow and MUST put up at least one more batch before the fall. Call me reckless and wild. Go ahead. It won't stop me, no siree.

In other other news, I had to dish out a very large consequence to my very spoiled little son today. Because I have not been getting the proper mothering job done, he is accustomed to making large messes, mostly of gazillions of small Lego pieces and not cleaning them up. This is the case in his bedroom especially.

This morning, I told him - quite nicely, I might add - to clean up the Legos and wooden blocks that were all over his bedroom floor in order that I could vacuum the floor later. I told him that I would help so that we could get to school on time. He pitched an absolute fit and if you had been listening outside the door to his carrying on about what he had been told to do, you would have surmised that he was having his eyelashes torn out one by one. Such torture!

Finally, I could take the carrying on no more and I kicked him out of his room and told him that I would clean it. He had wailed that he wanted things to be back to the way they were, meaning that I would clean up after him.

So, I agreed to just that, but with a catch. I told him (while on the drive to school) that I would clean up after him, but that he would be allowed to play with only the amount of toys I was willing to clean up.

While Jack was at school, I arranged his room to accomodate my new position.

When Jack went up to his room in the evening to get ready for bed, he saw a room empty of all of his toys except for the one toy (a truck) that I would be willing to clean up.

You can imagine how this went over. More tomorrow on that story.

I must go to bed now and read Middlemarch, a book I have started several times in the past but which had not previously held my interest. I am so interested now that I can't imagine what was wrong with me in the past.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Art on Ebay and Cardinal Stage

Don'tcha just love this woman? This painting was done by an artist who sells her work on Ebay. I was at the dermatologist office today when I spied a new painting there. It was resting on a chair, ready to be hung. I said - exclaimed more accurately- to my Esthetician (okay, Loyal Readers, I admit that I was there for cosmetic reasons, but more on that later...) that I LOVED the painting and Where DID she get that??!! And, she said, Ebay!

So, I looked up the artist and voila! there were several paintings up for auction. Unfortunately, NOT the one at left, which was posted on the artist's blog. I did ask whether it was sold in the hopes of getting my excemic little paws on it. Your BloomingtonGirl would have to have a representation of a redhead in stockings, after all.

I actually did bid on another painting and am waiting to see if I win it. I will post a picture of the lucky piece of art should it get the wonderful opportunity to hang in our oversized home.

In other news, I am completely engaged in doing development work (AKA fund raising) for Cardinal Stage Company. In fact, I think that each and every loyal reader should support their BloomingtonGirl by writing a (tax deductible) check RIGHT NOW to Cardinal Stage Company. Any amount is decide. For fun, write BloomingtonGirl in the memo line, okay?

Send your checks to:

Cardinal Stage Company
PO Box 1253
Bloomington, IN 47402

I am completely serious about this, Loyal Readers. Think of it as your way of paying BloomingtonGirl for hours of fun entertainment every year. This theatre company is the real deal, people.

Well, I have to go and study my pore size. More later, I promise.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Katie Suggests a New Hobby

Apparently, my daughter Katelyn was reminded of a certain Phantom when she saw my last post, because she doctored the photo and sent it along with a note suggesting that I get a new hobby..."Piano?"

So, today, my wonderful husband and I went out and bought a new piano. Just because of this photo.

Well, not really. We actually did buy a piano today but it was because our lease on our junky rental piano was coming to a close.

Our new piano will arrive next Tuesday and I have to say that I am very excited to play my four or five songs on it. I only hope that my hands heal by then.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doctor's Orders

Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl's Canning Career has come to an abrupt and, may I say, tragic halt. I have developed a pretty severe case of eczema on my palms from over use! I saw the dermatologist this week and when she saw my little paws, she exclaimed, "Oh, Honey! You're a Mess!" and then, upon further examination, she added (to her assistant nurse) "Wow. She even has pustules!" Pustules! That is a word I had hoped would never be used in reference to me.

I would have shown you the actual view of the affected area, but it is BloomingtonGirl's goal to NEVER look like those dermatology case studies that I found on the web while researching the unfortunate condition visited upon me earlier this year, Scabies.

Anyway, to get this pesky condition under control, I have been ordered by my doctor to stop canning and to minimize putting my hands in water. Unfortunately, she didn't order me to stop cleaning our bathrooms or to stop cooking altogether. And, I have to apply medicated ointments and creams and wear these gloves whenever possible. It is a giant pain in the you know where.

What all this has made me realize is how much the smooth running of this household and family is based upon the health of my little hands! Perhaps I should have them insured much like some supermodels have their legs or other such parts insured. I had better go and look up Lloyd's of London and get that process started.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Katie Sends a Warning

Loyal Readers, my daughter Katie sent me this photo today with a note that said, "Be Careful, Jomama!"

Isn't it a riot? She's so funny, my Katie.

I took a break from canning today, Katie, so don't worry. But, if time allowed, I would have canned, believe you me.

My very best friend from childhood, Cindy Fenner (Staley now that she is married) is visiting this week. Please note that she is the only non family member that EVER comes to visit us here in the Heartland. And, please note that the only family that regularly comes to visit (other than our daughters) are my in-laws. But, I digress....

Anyway, Cindy and I are having our usual relaxed and wonderful time, swimming, doing our nails, drinking wine, shopping and eating.

We went to the Goodwill today where your BloomingtonGirl had never been other than to drop stuff off. Well, I am here to tell you that I picked up a few really BOSS items. Yep. For a mere 11 smackers, I got a fancy schmancy distressed denim jacket with some embroidery and beading, a very very hip and tiny lime green hand bag, an ultra hip black and white printed VERY polyester blouse that just ROCKS and a kid sized Lily Pulitzer skirt for a cute little girl that I know. Fun Fun Fun!!

In other news, Jack started first grade this week and is holding his own. First grade is a BIG step up from Kindergarten. I hope he is up to the challenge. But, if not, he does have that armpit farting talent...

Well, that's all for now, Loyals. I realize that I am short on wit tonight and so will do a little bit of reading and head for dreamland.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm canning and I can't stop.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Loyal Readers, I am obsessed. I live to can. All else is a form of waiting...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Peter Piper

I wish that I could claim these beauties as my own, Loyal Readers, but I am not going to lie. This is a photo of lovely pickled hot peppers I took from the internet . I pickled hot peppers tonight but mine don't look quite as good as these. I am still a complete novice at packing relatively large items into jars and I end up with more empty spaces than I expect. I will post pictures of my pickled peppers tomorrow, but for tonight, I am done and in bed.

I was going to write more about a couple of lately compelling topics that have been on my mind. To wit, Botox (believe it or not), mothering (more accurately my poor attempt at good mothering during these last days of summer), and, of course, canning. Oh, yes, and a new ring that I have decided that I must have after seeing it on a new aquaintance today.

But, Loyal Readers, as with the pictures of my canning attempts from earlier this evening, you will have to wait until tomorrow. I am too tired to be too witty. And, writing without wit is like unsalted potato chips. Not worth the time.

Good night for now.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl got a wild hair tonight and decided to apply her new Black Satin nail enamel. The problem is that now, the wearer of said nail enamel is ready to go to bed but her nails, alas, are not.

So, instead of reading something to pass the time, I decided I would check in with you instead.

The picture above is of your BloomingtonGirl showing off her freshly painted Black Satin nails. I have to admit, though surely you have already thought this yourself, that my polished nails add a certain something to my already lovely outfit. In the interest of full disclosure, I am wearing a darling sun dress dress purchased at my favorite fashion place, none other than Target. I picked this little number right off the clearance rack for a mere twelve smackers. It is a pity you can't see the rest of the dress is rather fetching if I do say so myself. (I completed the ensemble with some black and white flats and a vintage pink bracelet that I picked up for a song in my hometown.) To think that I spent all those years and all that money shopping at the exclusive Ed Mitchell in Westport and other such sheeshee boutiques (there is that word again!) only to end up excited about my polyester dress from Target. I can't decide whether I have lost all my good taste or whether I have become confident enough to wear whatever I like. (Truth be told, I do believe it is the latter.)

In other news, I am off to the Farmer's Market tomorrow AM to buy many pounds of peppers, onions and cabbage in order to make another batch of my delightful Chow Chow. I am also planning on "putting up" some roasted peppers. I just love using the phrase "putting up". It makes me feel more legitimate and less boutique, if you must know. (Until I get over the "Boutique" slight by my loving husband, I think that I will be doing more putting up than putting out, if you know what I mean.)

In other other news, I have been spending WAY too much time with my darling son lately as camps are over for the summer and school not yet begun. Next Wednesday, his first full day of first grade, cannot come soon enough. Call me a bad mother. See if I care. Who are these lunatics who home-school their kids?

Well, I do believe my stunning nails are dry enough for me to wash my face and brush my fangs so I'll be signing off for now.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My New Thing

Greetings Loyal Readers! Here are some photos of the results of my latest obsession... canning pickles and relishes. At left are the tops of two new products from the "Lucky Guy Canning Company" (a sister company of the Lucky Guy Bakery, of course). The first I call "Jomama's Chow Chow" and the other, "Bread 'n Butter Pickles". I just love the little "hats" the jars are wearing, don't you? I had such fun making the actual products and doing the canning and even more fun decorating the jars. I do laugh at myself the whole time, though. Who knew I was turning into such an old-fashioned girl? Well, since you husband, that's who! He pointed out that while I was indeed technically "canning", I wasn't doing it in a real old fashioned way like his grandmother used to. (This was spoken in a tone of reverence and nostalgic longing.) What I was doing, he pointed out, was "Boutique Canning". Given that the word Boutique is probably as complimentary coming from him as, say, pretentious, we'll see how much delicious chow-chow he gets. And, we'll see who is eating his words instead of Jomama's Chow Chow when I start up my business and this stuff is flying off them there BOW-TEEK shelves for ten bucks a jar. So there!

In other news, we are smack dab in the dog days of summer with hot days steeped in humidity. I try to remind myself of the wise words of my kooky friend from years ago, John Kline, who said that we should appreciate days like these because lots of people pay good money to sit in saunas and we are getting to do it for free. To be fair, I would never pay money to sit in a sauna, so I will just stay in my air conditioned house, thank-you-very-much. It has even been too hot to swim laps comfortably.

Today, Jack and I did leave the comfort of our home to mail out several packages of- you guessed it!- CHOW CHOW!. We used the self-service mailing machine at the post office. There wasn't anyone else in the lobby when we got there, so I was just taking my time, letting Jack push the buttons and mailing my six or so packages. Right about half-way through, this guy comes up to the machine, looking as if he thought we were finished, ready to take his turn. I turned to him and said (nicely, of course) that we weren't finished.

He said, "I'll wait."

Now, most people wait several feet behind the person who is mailing his or her package. It isn't as if there is ever a long line of people waiting. And any normal and observant person would realize in a minute that nobody would squeeze in front someone standing in line, even if that person left the appropriate and generous amount of space between him or her and the person in front of him/her. Especially if the person in front of said person was a person actually using the machine.

Well, not this guy. He waited not more than two feet behind me while I finished mailing my two or three packages. It shouldn't have bothered me, Loyal Readers, but I am not going to lie. It did. It bothered me quite a bit. If this week were the dreaded PMS week, I might have turned around and said, "Hey Mister! Back off, you big fat jerk!" But, instead, I just rushed along, going as quickly as I could and resenting the pace. It was my choice to hurry, but I am here to tell you that I couldn't help it. Perhaps it was this man's intention to breathe down my neck in order to make me go faster. If so, it worked.

Well, I am off to bed to read Stumbling On Happiness. I recommend it. A fun and informative read.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hello Again

After almost a month (!), your BloomingtonGirl is back, Loyal Readers. I sit here, a glass of crisp, cold, dry French Rose at my side, and take up my blogging pen once again.

The house is quiet. Chris took Jack to his swim lesson, sparing me the discomfort of sitting poolside in this pea-soup humidity. My husband is the best. No doubt about it.

And speaking of the finest man I know, here he in the picture above with our little shaver, making untoward sounds using hands and armpits. Jack has perfected both the armpit and back of the knee fart sound techniques. I am comforted by the fact that my son can join the circus with this musical skill in the event that nothing else works out for him.

The stunning backdrop of the photo is Central Park and surrounds. This was taken on Father's Day when we were visiting Katie.

In other news, there is much other news. Nothing terribly Earth shattering, but still perhaps interesting to one who is interested in BloomingtonGirl and her exciting domesticity. I shall be writing more about this in later posts. But, alas, it is getting late. A couple hours elapsed since I began this post and right now. In between, Chris and I watched the overdone, poorly written, Hollywood big budget morality tale, Blood Diamond. I have to wonder why I sat through three hours of this over produced drivel when I knew years ago that I wasn't ever going to purchase another diamond anyway. Leonardo is always nice to look at, but I could have spent my time doing something more productive. Like making pickles, for instance or continuing to read Stumbling On Happiness, the great little book which Chris just picked up last week.

Speaking of which...I am off to bed to read that right now.

More soon from your BloomingtonGirl.