Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Art on Ebay and Cardinal Stage

Don'tcha just love this woman? This painting was done by an artist who sells her work on Ebay. I was at the dermatologist office today when I spied a new painting there. It was resting on a chair, ready to be hung. I said - exclaimed more accurately- to my Esthetician (okay, Loyal Readers, I admit that I was there for cosmetic reasons, but more on that later...) that I LOVED the painting and Where DID she get that??!! And, she said, Ebay!

So, I looked up the artist and voila! there were several paintings up for auction. Unfortunately, NOT the one at left, which was posted on the artist's blog. I did ask whether it was sold in the hopes of getting my excemic little paws on it. Your BloomingtonGirl would have to have a representation of a redhead in stockings, after all.

I actually did bid on another painting and am waiting to see if I win it. I will post a picture of the lucky piece of art should it get the wonderful opportunity to hang in our oversized home.

In other news, I am completely engaged in doing development work (AKA fund raising) for Cardinal Stage Company. In fact, I think that each and every loyal reader should support their BloomingtonGirl by writing a (tax deductible) check RIGHT NOW to Cardinal Stage Company. Any amount is decide. For fun, write BloomingtonGirl in the memo line, okay?

Send your checks to:

Cardinal Stage Company
PO Box 1253
Bloomington, IN 47402

I am completely serious about this, Loyal Readers. Think of it as your way of paying BloomingtonGirl for hours of fun entertainment every year. This theatre company is the real deal, people.

Well, I have to go and study my pore size. More later, I promise.

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