Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doctor's Orders

Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl's Canning Career has come to an abrupt and, may I say, tragic halt. I have developed a pretty severe case of eczema on my palms from over use! I saw the dermatologist this week and when she saw my little paws, she exclaimed, "Oh, Honey! You're a Mess!" and then, upon further examination, she added (to her assistant nurse) "Wow. She even has pustules!" Pustules! That is a word I had hoped would never be used in reference to me.

I would have shown you the actual view of the affected area, but it is BloomingtonGirl's goal to NEVER look like those dermatology case studies that I found on the web while researching the unfortunate condition visited upon me earlier this year, Scabies.

Anyway, to get this pesky condition under control, I have been ordered by my doctor to stop canning and to minimize putting my hands in water. Unfortunately, she didn't order me to stop cleaning our bathrooms or to stop cooking altogether. And, I have to apply medicated ointments and creams and wear these gloves whenever possible. It is a giant pain in the you know where.

What all this has made me realize is how much the smooth running of this household and family is based upon the health of my little hands! Perhaps I should have them insured much like some supermodels have their legs or other such parts insured. I had better go and look up Lloyd's of London and get that process started.


Dick said...

My sympathies BloomingtonChef!!!!If those creams and salves the Doc's ordered don't happen to work, try some Bag Balm. The farmers use this stuff to treat similar conditions on the teets of cows. :-)

dick said...

I spelled teets wrong. It's teats.

Anonymous said...

You don't do nothin' by halves, do you, dearie? MKP

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! BloomingtonGirl,first scabies now this! What will be next? dick is right, try some Bag Balm, works wonders. Hang in there!! I'm not laughing at you.:)