Thursday, August 09, 2007

My New Thing

Greetings Loyal Readers! Here are some photos of the results of my latest obsession... canning pickles and relishes. At left are the tops of two new products from the "Lucky Guy Canning Company" (a sister company of the Lucky Guy Bakery, of course). The first I call "Jomama's Chow Chow" and the other, "Bread 'n Butter Pickles". I just love the little "hats" the jars are wearing, don't you? I had such fun making the actual products and doing the canning and even more fun decorating the jars. I do laugh at myself the whole time, though. Who knew I was turning into such an old-fashioned girl? Well, since you husband, that's who! He pointed out that while I was indeed technically "canning", I wasn't doing it in a real old fashioned way like his grandmother used to. (This was spoken in a tone of reverence and nostalgic longing.) What I was doing, he pointed out, was "Boutique Canning". Given that the word Boutique is probably as complimentary coming from him as, say, pretentious, we'll see how much delicious chow-chow he gets. And, we'll see who is eating his words instead of Jomama's Chow Chow when I start up my business and this stuff is flying off them there BOW-TEEK shelves for ten bucks a jar. So there!

In other news, we are smack dab in the dog days of summer with hot days steeped in humidity. I try to remind myself of the wise words of my kooky friend from years ago, John Kline, who said that we should appreciate days like these because lots of people pay good money to sit in saunas and we are getting to do it for free. To be fair, I would never pay money to sit in a sauna, so I will just stay in my air conditioned house, thank-you-very-much. It has even been too hot to swim laps comfortably.

Today, Jack and I did leave the comfort of our home to mail out several packages of- you guessed it!- CHOW CHOW!. We used the self-service mailing machine at the post office. There wasn't anyone else in the lobby when we got there, so I was just taking my time, letting Jack push the buttons and mailing my six or so packages. Right about half-way through, this guy comes up to the machine, looking as if he thought we were finished, ready to take his turn. I turned to him and said (nicely, of course) that we weren't finished.

He said, "I'll wait."

Now, most people wait several feet behind the person who is mailing his or her package. It isn't as if there is ever a long line of people waiting. And any normal and observant person would realize in a minute that nobody would squeeze in front someone standing in line, even if that person left the appropriate and generous amount of space between him or her and the person in front of him/her. Especially if the person in front of said person was a person actually using the machine.

Well, not this guy. He waited not more than two feet behind me while I finished mailing my two or three packages. It shouldn't have bothered me, Loyal Readers, but I am not going to lie. It did. It bothered me quite a bit. If this week were the dreaded PMS week, I might have turned around and said, "Hey Mister! Back off, you big fat jerk!" But, instead, I just rushed along, going as quickly as I could and resenting the pace. It was my choice to hurry, but I am here to tell you that I couldn't help it. Perhaps it was this man's intention to breathe down my neck in order to make me go faster. If so, it worked.

Well, I am off to bed to read Stumbling On Happiness. I recommend it. A fun and informative read.

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Anonymous said...

I can say (as a consumer of bread n butter pickles from the lucky guy canning company(c) ) That this lady sure can can! Boutique canning or not, the pickles are delicious! You tell that hubby of yours to can it! (however style he likes)

As for the obnoxious close stander at the post office...Bloomingtongirl, THIS is what bathroom-obsessed armpit-farting stinky-gas-passing (much to his own amusement) six year old boys are for!! I bet you anything Jack could get that guy to back off in less than 2 seconds! AND think how much fun he'd have doing it!