Friday, August 10, 2007


Loyal Readers, your BloomingtonGirl got a wild hair tonight and decided to apply her new Black Satin nail enamel. The problem is that now, the wearer of said nail enamel is ready to go to bed but her nails, alas, are not.

So, instead of reading something to pass the time, I decided I would check in with you instead.

The picture above is of your BloomingtonGirl showing off her freshly painted Black Satin nails. I have to admit, though surely you have already thought this yourself, that my polished nails add a certain something to my already lovely outfit. In the interest of full disclosure, I am wearing a darling sun dress dress purchased at my favorite fashion place, none other than Target. I picked this little number right off the clearance rack for a mere twelve smackers. It is a pity you can't see the rest of the dress is rather fetching if I do say so myself. (I completed the ensemble with some black and white flats and a vintage pink bracelet that I picked up for a song in my hometown.) To think that I spent all those years and all that money shopping at the exclusive Ed Mitchell in Westport and other such sheeshee boutiques (there is that word again!) only to end up excited about my polyester dress from Target. I can't decide whether I have lost all my good taste or whether I have become confident enough to wear whatever I like. (Truth be told, I do believe it is the latter.)

In other news, I am off to the Farmer's Market tomorrow AM to buy many pounds of peppers, onions and cabbage in order to make another batch of my delightful Chow Chow. I am also planning on "putting up" some roasted peppers. I just love using the phrase "putting up". It makes me feel more legitimate and less boutique, if you must know. (Until I get over the "Boutique" slight by my loving husband, I think that I will be doing more putting up than putting out, if you know what I mean.)

In other other news, I have been spending WAY too much time with my darling son lately as camps are over for the summer and school not yet begun. Next Wednesday, his first full day of first grade, cannot come soon enough. Call me a bad mother. See if I care. Who are these lunatics who home-school their kids?

Well, I do believe my stunning nails are dry enough for me to wash my face and brush my fangs so I'll be signing off for now.

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