Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bloomingtongirl Sizzles

So, Loyal Readers, what do you think of BloomingtonGirl's new look? I figured that there was no point in aging gracefully so I went under the knife and the air brusher. The new real estate on my chest is a bit hard to get used to - especially when I work out- but I am confident that I will soon get the hang of it. In the interest of full disclosure, I have to reveal that in this photo, I am wearing a wig. After all, my Loyal Readers know that BloomingtonGirl does not have long tresses.

One of my sisters-in-law was responsible for placing me on the cover of Hustler and presenting it to me for my 45th birthday. My first choice for my second magazine cover (I was once on the cover of Food Technology Magazine, if you must know) would not likely have been Hustler, though I am certain that it does indeed have very nice articles. (For example, consider one such piece of literature in the current edition entitled "Big Thrills at the Midget Rodeo".) I would probably opt to be on my beloved Vogue wearing something with a bit more coverage, but a cover is a cover and BloomingtonGirl must gracefully accept whatever fame comes her way after all.

I am now off to bed to continue my quest to finish Middlemarch. Even sex objects such as your BloomingtonGirl have to keep our minds developed.


AnonymousChef said...

The picture sure does sizzle, but I'm kind of partial to the profile.

BloomingtonGirl said...

Why, Anonymouschef,
Your comment may indeed be the sweetest comment I have ever read!
To be honest, I have no aspirations to look like that cover...except maybe for the flat stomach part...now, that would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

Sizzle indeed.... The thought of you exercising in your new bod puts me in mind of something I read yesterday in The Week, on the inadequacies of current sports-bra technology: "bio-mechanical measurements of 70 women [taken] while they exercised... found that their breasts bounced up and down, side to side, and in and out--in figure-eight patterns--with a range of motion of up to 8 inches. That much movement causes pain." Be careful, Bloomingtongirl!

perk said...

Well! That is actually how you look, isn't it? Ummmm....I guess ancient good friends should only say that whatever is within manifests on the outside and I'm sure you're more sizzling than ever...;-)
P.S.- sorry I forgot your Birthday! Happy belated! I am more convinced than ever that middle age is THE TIME to sizzle! Enjoy!