Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scary Momster

Now, look at this photo, Loyal Readers, and tell me what kind of mother would ever think of running away, far away, where nobody would ever find her, from this gorgeous and sweet child?

I'll give you a hint...she writes this very blog.

Yep, it's true, Loyal Ones. I wanted to run away last weekend. It was the WORST weekend I can remember since, well, maybe the previous weekend or perhaps the weekend before that.

For most of the three-day weekend, Jack was overtired and chronically whiny and pissed because he didn't have a playmate for every minute of every day. It was a rotten combination of emotions, believe-you-me and I nearly had a nervous breakdown being around it. I finally understood what my mother used to say when I was growing up. She would say, "Sometimes, I just want to run away far in the woods where nobody can find me." To be fair, growing up hearing things like that from my mother did lead to years of therapy, but hey, at least she was honest. There are just some days when being a parent can be way more than I ever bargained for. For me, those days most often fall on weekends and holidays. When Jack's in school, I find that I am quite happy to be a mother.

It isn't that I don't love my kid. I love him beyond my own comprehension and the bottom line is that I wouldn't trade this experience for being without him. He is funny and smart and creative and so many many good things. It is just that he's about to turn seven and gives not a fig about doing ANYTHING his parents might want to do. He is not one of those kids who even thinks about pleasing his parents or getting their approval.

And besides, what sane adult wants to spend all waking hours playing games that a seven year-old makes up? (This is meant to be rhetorical, but just in case there is any doubt, I shall answer NOT ME. I am, of course, happily willing to spend some time, but all day? Can't do it. I'm just not wired that way.)

I have thought long and hard about this and I conclude that the solution to having a happy family is two-fold. First, I will make sure that I have an arsenal of babysitters so that my husband and I can occasionally do some things on weekend days together without a very vocal and unhappy Jack in tow to make things miserable. And, second, I vow to PLAN AHEAD for playmates to come over. There. Now, we can live happily ever after and maybe Jack won't need too much therapy from being around his Momster.

In other news, today I made Pomegranate Jelly which came out more like Pomegranate Syrup. I think that I shall rename it and be done with it. What's in a name? Sometimes everything.

In other other news, tomorrow is our ten year wedding anniversary. More on that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Well, especially since you enjoyed "Blood Diamond" so much, I hope there will be a nice little sparkly objet in your (or your beloved's) rough cut oats tomorrow a.m. (and that it won't precipitate expensive dental work with Dr. David Lawler). 10 years is a true achievement. Happy and congratulations. Perhaps the pomegranite syrup would go nicely with vodka or some other hard liquor for a special anniversary cocktail, which will shortly become all the rage in B'town....

Anonymous said...

BloomingtonGirl, you are a wonderful momster! I've witnessed your love and true connection that you have with your little guy. Don't be so hard on yourself! But get ready,in six years and he'll be a teenager!!
Happy Anniversary, 10 years is huge! Have a great time! :) Peace!