Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shoe Lust

Loyal Readers! Aren't these gorgeous? I just gotta have 'em. They speak directly to my already crazy shoe-lust. They are a delicious combination of sweet and sexy and sophisticated. (I know, you are thinking, Wow! That's a description of YOU, BloomingtonGirl!) They are made of pink hair-calf! I never knew that Pink Baby Cows existed. I do hope they harvest this hair humanely and responsibly.

The real problem is, endangered pink baby cows or not, that the price tag on these little darlings is $550, and I would never in a million years spend that...not even close.

Still, a girl can dream, right?


Anonymous said...

What a combination with fishnets!!!:-)

BloomingtonGirl said...

Dear Fashion Lover Anonymous,
(and we both know who you are)

While I understand your desire to pair fishnets with these shoes, I must say that I disagree. Fishnets would make the look a tad too busy and take away from the understated sexiness of the shoes. I would pair fishnets with a different kind of shoe, or perhaps with a patent leather boot.

More on that combination in a later post.