Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Southpaw for a Day

Hello Again, oh Loyal Ones. I am rather surprised to be typing again so soon, but my hand actually works fairly well even in this bandage. When I have to type top-row letters with my middle or ring fingers of my right hand, I do feel a slight discomfort. But, knowing how worried you must have been about your BloomingtonGirl upon reading that she was to have surgery, I rose above my excruciating(ly mild) discomfort to write you this post.

I have spent most of the day watching season six of Sex & The City. Unfortunately, I couldn't watch the entire season because I was unable to watch episodes five through eight. It appears that our older daughter (whose name I won't mention in order to protect her privacy) lost that particular disc out of the set that Santa so generously and thoughtfully gave her last Christmas. But, I'm not annoyed or anything.

To add to my not unexpected guilt of doing nothing constructive all day, I just finished eating two cookies. Admittedly, they were divine, but after having seen how much I actually do weigh (they weighed me before surgery...a complete invasion of my privacy and, more importantly, denial!) I need to have a little less delicious in my life to be sure.

Interestingly, getting weighed might have been the most unpleasant thing about the surgery, which was pretty quick and painless. I elected to have no drugs but to just have a nerve block, which makes the whole thing much easier. When I had surgery on my wrist almost seven years ago, I had a violent reaction to the sedation meds and decided that this time, I didn't want to spend my day throwing up. Though, when I take into consideration my official poundage on the medical scale, it might have well advised.

The actual procedure took about ten minutes, during which I bantered back and forth with my delightful surgeon - also a friend of ours. The weirdest part was not being completely awake, it was that during the actual surgery, a real tourniquet was applied and the sensation of having that on for ten minutes was a completely new one. My hand felt as if electrical current was being applied to it. It was a bit bizarre, too, because while there was no pain, there was a pushing and pulling sensation when he was cutting things open and cutting things out (I think that is what he did.) I said to him - quite honestly - that he had made me feel things that no man had ever made me feel before.

In other news, this paltry little procedure has made me realize what a pain in the ass sick person I would be. I make it so hard for anyone (Chris) to do anything for me and after a while (in his case, a pretty brief while) I am just plain annoying to be around. Having taken care of a few very sick people in my day, I should know better than to be like that. The best patient is one who tells you exactly what you need and lets you do it for them.

Well, I am off to rest. Might as well. Tomorrow, I am back in the saddle.


dick said...

So glad to see you have made it through this pesky surgery. With hunting season waiting the wings, it would have been a major imposition for me to have a problem with my "trigger finger"

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, Jack is 100% on your side. At least he was last night when he was "so mad at Daddy for being so mean to Mommy - WHO, has a BANDAGE on her hand! And Daddy just PUT another one ON IT!!! AND Mommy told him NOT TO, BUTTT he just went ahead and DID IT ANYWAY!"

What qualifies him to be putting bandages on anyway? What does he think he is?

Also, as an aside, It's interesting you post about your nameless daughter's Sex and the City DVD collection. I would say she will mail you the missing DVD, but who would we be kidding. You know how difficult the mail is in New York City. Almost everything outgoing gets lost, or eaten. The city is working on it, and anticipate that the problem will be fixed before the 2nd avenue subway opening (any day now).

Steph said...

I hope you are healing well and that you'll eventually get to see the complete series! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joni, very nice to see you and the very big boy today at Marsh. I am glad your friendly neighborhood surgeon took such good care of you. Your newer, smaller bandage is much sexier. Just thought you (and Steph) might like to know that November is NaBloPoMo--National Blog Posting Month. MKP