Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Hate People

Well, not all people of course, but it would be fair to say that on some days, I could send at least half of them into some kind of extra-planetary exile and not give it a second thought.

Today's lucky winner of the trip to the far reaches of the galaxy was the completely clueless mom who was seated behind Chris and me at Jack's piano recital today. Her husband had set up his tri-pod and video camera on the end of the second row and she had seated her big fat stupid butt on the last seat in said row, directly behind not only Chris and me but two quite elderly people who can ill afford to catch the upper respiratory disease the clueless mother was providing for anyone in proximity. How so, you ask? I'll tell you. The clueless mom had brought her toddler, who, though well dressed - always reason for your BloomingtonGirl to give a benefit of the doubt - coughed continuously as if she was trying to, well, you know, HACK UP A FREAKING LUNG! The mother sat there with the consumptive babe for the entire hour, no matter that her (completely lacking talent) son played fourth in a line up of approximately twenty kids. For some reason, she felt compelled to remain in order to spread more of her daughter's germs hither and yon while other kids, complete strangers to her, no doubt, played their little hearts out. Not only was this child spewing virus on every surface within ten feet of her wet infected mouth, she was making continual noise, which, was very distracting to anyone who was trying to at least feign interest in the musical pieces played by the sweet, albeit not so gifted, students.

And, to add insult to injury, this pour little kid made a rather odoriferous mess in her diaper about fifteen minutes before the conclusion of the recital. The mom either didn't know or didn't care and the result was that the many people right next to them were treated to the unpleasant eau de poop that resulted.

By the end of the recital, I had decided to speak to the clueless mother and point out the errors of her ways to her. Alas, however, my husband beat me to the punch, mumbling something to her (in medical-speak) about her daughter spewing micro-droplets all over and how it would be a miracle if we didn't all get sick.

Part of me felt a little bad about things getting unpleasant, but the larger part of me thought that this woman deserved more than that even. I wanted to shake her and tell her to get clue, that when attending a music recital of any kind (or an event at which people were in close proximity) she should dedicate herself to the greater public health and leave her consumptive child at home.

In other news, I have had several inquiries about what I have been up to since I have not been fulfilling my blogging duties over the past period of time. Well, Loyal Readers who asked where in the Sam Hill I have been, I thank you for noticing my absence. I want to reassure you that I am not going away forever. I have just been extremely busy with two things that take up most of my time when Jack's in school: Cardinal Stage and obsessing about the many many pounds that have found their way to my midsection.

I had planned to write more, but, to be completely honest, my eyelids are getting heavy and I think that it is time I hit the hay. We had a little bonfire on our patio this evening (we have a fabulous fire pit that we don't use nearly enough) and sipped wine and roasted marshmallows with another family. Between the wine and the delicious fresh cold air and the relaxing flames hopping around, I am, in a word...pooped.

So, I am off to read The Omnivore's Dilemma, the content of which is worth an entire post, believe me.

Good Night, Oh Loyal Ones. Thanks for not giving up on your BloomingtonGirl.


Steph said...

My patience with sick people who go out and about is very marginal. I would have been in your camp, for sure!

Anonymous said...


You are a mean, self-absorbed lady -- I've read your blog for the last time...I kept hoping that some midwest charm would rub off on you and that you'd start showing a little compassion and heart over time.

Here's a thought - next time you're in a situation that makes you uncomfortable, where people aren't doing exactly what YOU think they should do, consider the following:
You could have moved away from the sick little one.
You could have wondered why she had to bring her sick baby (husband working? New to the area? Widow?)
Did you even consider that there might be more to the story than making you a bit uncomfortable for an hour?
Hopefully, when you need compassion, others won't treat you the same way ---

BloomingtonGirl said...


Though you will not be reading this response because you have read my blog for "the last time", I offer the following in the hope that I will clear up our little misunderstanding.


Never, ever, am I mean in my real life.


Guilty as charged, especially when I write my blog, which is unapologetically all about ME.

A Lady?

Nah. More of a Broad, but I suppose that there is always hope with sustained effort and the right apparel.

With all best wishes,


Anonymous said...

It is true that BloomingtonGirl is never, ever, mean in her real life, at least the little bit of it that I've been involved in; and it is annoying to be coughed on, and some people are oblivious to the effect of their own germs.

But, having done my time up at Riley with a baby with a noninfectious medical condition, I'm very aware that kids can cough because they have cystic fibrosis or severe asthma or other problems, and moms still want to have as normal a family life as possible. So, while that probably isn't the case here, one would hate to add to the burden of an already beleaguered family if it were the case.

If you know the family, and know that this child has a cold, it still would probably be more successful if you expressed your outrage as concern for the child: "I hope you can get that baby home so she can rest!" and maybe even offered to drive her son home, rather than pointing out that her little darling is spewing virus out on everyone else.

Or so it seems to me.

Anonymous said...

I like that you are honest and use the blog as a cathartic way to bitch about the crap you encounter. Go girl!!
Self absorption - it's what makes us great and aware of our abilities
Midwest charm - ugh, sounds a little too home sweet home to me
Write on.......

Anonymous said...

Wow! 10:43 Anonymous takes things a bit too seriously. I'll bet that person is unhappy with life.
I look forward to your blogs, Bloomington Girl!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (10:43),
I found your post hilarious. I must admit, I had to read it twice, as your ingenius sense of irony was initially outweighed by my desire to give you a nice dose of New York City "charm". But upon reading it the second time, I saw that you were not attacking Bloomingtongirl, but instead bolstering her witty observation and candid statement with your own contribution. See, for those who had trouble fully understanding Anonymous !0:43's post, she began as any prepared speaker does with an ignorant insult. She then indirectly identifies herself as a compassionate and loving resident of the midwest, and an avid blog reader.

In the second paragraph, Anonymous 10:43 reveals her discomfort in reading Bloomingtongirl's opinions, which are not exactly what SHE believes B-girl should say. Next, the mid-western dogooder provides us with dubious scenarios excusing the inconsiderate idiot mother's decision to expose a hall of parents, children and grandparents to hours of cough-generated flu aerosols, which I am confident our thoughtful friend knows are the perfect size to enter the lungs of everyone within a three foot radius. This is the climax of her droll editorial, since two of her excuses for this woman's behavior are laughable and the last deals with death.

Anony sets us up perfectly to refer to her earlier advice and consider the following:

Perhaps Bloomingtongirl was uncomfortable (for that hour) because this year 36,000 people will die from the flu. Mostly elderly people or people with chronic immune problems, but hey, sometimes husbands have to work or people are new to the area (the area

Or maybe this woman's husband has died. Maybe because someone coughed on him for an hour.

I could go on, but I think I've shed some light on Anony's quirky sense of humor, and her amazing willingness to make herself look condescending, ignorant, and tasteless in an effort to match b-girls cunning wit.

Anonymous said...

oh vey . . .

dick said...

As Sgt. Hulka would say "lighten up Francis"!

dick said...

Hey, If I wait another 29 minutes, I'll be 10:43. I just slay myself sometimes!!

anonymous from Notre Dame said...

Just so you know, I tried to post my second response at around 10:14pm, not 10:18pm, because in that case I would have took on the identity of 10:48pm which would have been over the 10:43pm. I think the time clock for this blog is inaccurate. I calculate ALL my time with the US Navel Observatory Master Clock in Boulder Co. or for the layperson, the Atomic Clock. Gotta go, the hunch in my back is acting up again and I'm plum out of Flexeril.

A from ND said...

My calculation must have been off a minute on that third post. I would have been 10:47pm not 10:48 pm. I think the spasms are getting the best of me.

Steph said...

I think one is not truly a blogger until he/she has had the comment of "I will not read your blog anymore". :-) You're officially IN!