Saturday, December 22, 2007

BloomingtonGirl Dons the Hat

Loyal Readers, in these photos, your BloomingtonGirl is sporting a hat she received for her birthday from a friend of hers. I have taken quite a shine to this hat, not only because it is lovely and festive and incredibly cozy, but also because it has fur that looks exactly like our dog Zoe's fur. I think it would be quite funny to tell someone that it is actually made of Zoe's fur and that I had her put down expressly for that purpose. I would say something like, "Well, she was getting older after all, and I did really want that hat. What difference does a few years make? I figured we could always buy another Sheltie." It would be worth it just to see someone's expression.

But, since that might be a bit too far out, I did the next best thing. I wore the faux Zoe hat to the "Y" on the day when I had to renew my locker for the year. I hoped, of course, that Annoya would be my customer service person.

What luck! She was. I walked to the front desk wearing the potentially offensive hat and after greeting our Annoya, I removed my hat slowly and lay it on the counter, almost immediately in front of her. I was careful to hide the label that would give away the faux nature of the pelt.

To my surprise, Annoya was quite accomodating and didn't once ask the origin of the pelt. I have no idea whether she was troubled by the fur on my hat and I'm sure that I shall never know. I tried my best to lean over the counter to spy a glimpse of her footwear to determine if they were leather but couldn't get a good look without looking quite contorted and strange. And, your BloomingtonGirl wants never to look contorted and strange in public. Not in private, either, for the record.

After all this, I have decided to begin a winter hat collection. Not just boring caps, of course, but hats of fun distinction. So far, I have two fur lined hats, a red and black plaid hunting hat with a pom-pom on top and flaps that pull down to cover my delicate little ears and a brown wool hat that has a jaunty little side slant and a rossette on the side. Perhaps if the spirit moves me, I shall post a little fashion show. Stay tuned.

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Steph said...

I think this hat suits you! It would be great fun to see the others too! Happy belated Xmas and a joyful new year to you.