Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greetings on a Saturday Night

Greetings Loyal Readers. I am enjoying a somewhat quiet moment after a non-stop day of playing with Jack. Chris is working and Jack is having his weekly "TV Dinner". It is usually on Friday nights, but last night he opted to eat with a babysitter instead (while his lucky parents at the new Farm Bloomington, more on that later). Every Friday, I allow Jack to have a Kids Cuisine Frozen Dinner while watching TV. I do realize that it is practically child abuse in some circles to allow one's offspring to eat such toxic waste while experiencing the very low culture that TV (in this case Sponge Bob & Dexter's Lab) offers today's children. But, I think that it is time we relax these better-mom-than-you-are standards. They exhaust me. My mother raised me on canned vegetables, Hawaiian Punch, bologna, white bread and Lucky Charms and I'm okay. I wouldn't feed Jack a steady diet of prepared toxic waste type food, but once and awhile, I think it's okay. Go ahead, militant mommies. Send social services over.

In other news, I have a new addiction. Project Runway. Katie turned me on to it when I saw her last and I am completely hooked. I am fascinated by how a great looking garment can be created out of odd materials (i.e. candy wrappers) in a limited period of time (1-2 days). I almost jumped on the fashion designer bandwagon and bought a sewing machine, but then I remembered that I have no idea how to sew a garment. I thought about taking sewing lessons, but I had to face the truth about myself. I have no patience for exact work. Anything I made would probably have shoddy workmanship. Take, for example, the sweater I began about ten years ago. I finished each piece approximately nine years ago. The pieces (back, front sleeves) have been stuffed into a bag in a closet since then. I brought them out a week ago. Since then, I have attached one arm and this alone tried my patience. I had better pay attention to my nature.

In other other news, I am laying low lately (though wouldn't it be more grammatically correct to say "lying" low?), staying home while Jack is at school. Last month, and for the past several months, I have been running around doing volunteer work and for some reason, I am feeling lately that I need to just stay home and take care of things here. I've really enjoyed staying in, though I do feel a bit guilty about not being quite so productive, whatever that means. I am at that point in my life at which I don't feel that I need to prove myself constantly. It's nice.

Well, that's all from this boring little place. Time to put the little man to bed and turn on Project Runway. It's so nice to be comfortable with being a shallow fashion lover.

Bye for now, Loyal Readers.


Anonymous said...

If I come visit next summer can we go to Farm Bloomington??? It looks wonderful. How was your dinner?

Water Baby Jewelry said...

Joni, you forgot more later on Farm Bloomington. What'd you think? We had a good meal but terrible service, understandable for a new restaurant. We actually had to box our dessert to go so we could get to our seats for "Oliver" (very good as well). Malcolm Abrams at Bloom says he has a huge feature coming out on the restaurant--had a writer tail him for months and months. Oohhhh, too juicy, no?

I don't blame you for sitting at home... volunteering has a way of EXHAUSTING you!

And finally, I loved your rant on fur. My daughter and her friend got all teary over a baby bunny who died at the hands of our cat Mikey, decrying how terrible it was that he was such an excellent hunter. One of the less sympathetic 11 year olds in the bunch said dryly, uh, girls, you all eat chicken nuggets.
We all have our buttons.

I eat less and less meat and I'm also getting worried about overfishing throughout the world (what aren't we destroying?).

But I feel really good about springing for 3 bucks for a dozen eggs from cage-free chickens.

It's all about doing our little part, no?

Keep 'em coming Bloomington Girl!

BloomingtonGirl said...

Our meal at Farm was really great and the service was superb. The atmosphere was just buzzing with excitement. I hope that this is the first of many great meals there. I'll look forward to Bloom's article on Farm.

Interesting thoughts on meat. I eat less than I used to and try very hard to make sure that what I purchase is relatively locally and responsibly grown. The Omnivore's Dilemma is a great book on that topic.

Steph said...

I have fond memories of TV dinners! :0) And I LOVED the boots you had on Wed night.