Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Greetings

Happy New Year, Loyal Ones. As we head into the overcrowded gym season, I thought I would provide a link to a New Year's post I wrote a couple of years back when I was a much more prolific writer (for better or for worse).

A New Year's Idea

I have not yet ventured to the gym in 2008, but I shall do so tomorrow and on Friday. I fully expect it to be loaded with people who have not set foot inside a fitness facility of any sort for years. As your BloomingtonGirl tries - and nearly always succeeds - never to be mean or sneering in public, I shall not cast any nasty looks toward the newest gym members. But, in the interest of full disclosure to my Loyal Readers, I will admit that I will inwardly be very annoyed and judgmental, though less so than in previous years because of the ten pounds of semi-solid jiggly lard I have put on since moving to the Hoosier State.

Perhaps this is what a previously Loyal Reader meant when she said " I kept hoping that some Midwest charm would rub off on you and that you'd start showing a little compassion and heart over time".

I think that she was wrong in assuming that the Midwest charm did not rub off on me. It did indeed. It just went straight to my hips, thighs and behind.

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