Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Three Images and Some Comments

Greetings, Loyal Readers. It is 10:18 and I am having a bowl of cereal (one of the yummiest treats in the world, no?) after actually having forgotten to eat a proper dinner earlier this evening. And that was after forgetting to eat lunch until well after lunch time. This behavior is far outside the normal pattern for your food loving BloomingtonGirl. It is, frankly, rather stunning that I would actually forget to eat a meal.  The reason for my forgetfulness at lunch has to do with the (if I may say) stunning light fixture pictured here.  I ordered this chandelier about three months ago and finally got it in the mail early last week.  The electrician arrived at 11 to install it in our dining room.  He couldn't finish the installation - well, couldn't really begin the installation - because the old fixture left a hole in the ceiling that was too large for the new fixture to cover.  So, I need to get someone out here to patch it up first.  I am also going to have the dining room painted either navy or dark green and the ceiling some interesting and complimentary color.  I'll keep you posted on my creative endeavors in this realm.
The next picture, shown here at left, is a 1950's advertisement.  I have no idea what the product being advertised is and I am baffled about what exactly the picture represents.  What is going on here?  Who is getting the flowers and who simply gets to look on?  

The next picture, below is of a hat that is being sold on the Neiman Marcus website.  It is by some hot designer, the name of whom I cannot remember.  It is a new designer, one that I had not heard of.  The hat is being sold (on sale) for about $150.  Any beginning knitter could make this hat in about two hours, I think.  I wonder how many foolish people have purchased this Emperor's New Hat.

In other news, there isn't much.  I wrote several business letters for Cardinal today and still had time to work on my own project, which is coming along in a completely non-linear fashion.  I took a challenging and rewarding Pilates class this morning, picked up a whimsical and silly chair I purchased at an auction this past weekend benefiting Jack's school and went to the grocery store and didn't purchase the two essential items that we needed.  I also showered, applied make-up, put on a fun and casual outfit complete with funky fishnet stockings/tights.  That was about the extent of my day.

More writing tomorrow so stay tuned if you can take all the excitement.

Good Night my Dear Loyal Readers. 

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Anonymous said...

It was, as always, a pleasure to see you at TKD, especially in the fun and casual outfit complete with funky fishnet stockings/tights, and in your afterglow following a day of such productivity.