Friday, March 07, 2008

Best Burger I've Ever Had

It's true, Loyal Readers. Tonight, I had the best burger I have ever had. Ever. Not kidding. I don't know what exactly made it the best, but it was. The best.

I had this ground beef revelation at none other than
Farm Bloomington. Chris and I went out for an early dinner there. Jack stayed home with Ellis, Jack's (and my) favorite manny.

I really love Farm for many reasons. First, the chef/owner Daniel Orr is just a great guy and a great chef. All of his food tastes really good and it isn't overly fussy or at all ridiculous. The front manager, Valerie, has made the place hum, and she is always out there making you feel welcome. Tonight when we decided to go out for a bite, Chris suggested that we go to Farm, though we had gone there the last time we went out. I was surprised that he wanted to go to the same place twice in a row. Tonight, he had the chicken breast in a chili sauce with mashed potatoes and green beans (I've had that and it is so so delicious and homey.)

I had the Farm Burger with goat cheese and bacon.

OH MY GOD. (and you know I don't use that name lightly)

It was just pure heaven. It came with a side of absolutely perfect fries. I was in culinary paradise, I kid you not. In addition, Chris and I split Farm's "Vegetable Plate" , a main dish that is nothing short of majestic, despite its humble moniker. This is no tired grilled veggie platter. No, sir! It is a variety of tastes and textures that excites the palate and imagination. It is different each night and it has been great each time we have had it. The only complaint I have is that they do not make an exquisite vodka martini. Sure, their blue cheese olives are excellent. Perhaps the best I've had in my very short tenure as a blue cheese olive lover. But, they just don't get the concept of "extra, extra, extra dry". There is always a just bit too much vermouth in my cocktail. But, alas, it is a small price to pay for the consistently good food and lively atmosphere. Hooray for FARM!

In other news, it is snowing quite a bit tonight and is just lovely. It makes me miss the NorthEast where snows like this are much more commonplace.

Well, I am off to kiss Jack goodnight and watch the new HBO George Carlin special with my husband.

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