Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Decorates

I promised you a picture of my wallpaper selection for my dining room and here it is at left. This is a paper that was designed in the 1940's by Josef Frank, whose stuff is currently having a big revival, which was probably started by Anthopologie using his fabric on some of their furniture pieces.  I am really crazy about his fabrics but they are, at $250 a yard, a bit rich for my tastes. I was originally planning to do my dining room seat covers in his stuff, but then I realized that if any of my guests ever spilled anything on them, I would never be able to speak to them again. I suppose I could throw all taste to the wind and get some clear plastic covers for the seats, but, I think that Frank would turn over in his grave.

I am planning to have the ceiling painted the same blue as the pond. I know it will be quite bold, but your BloomingtonGirl has never been afraid of boldness.  Here is another photo of what the paper looks like on a wall.  It isn't my wall, but you get the idea.  Come over for dinner when it is finished.  


Rachael said...

ooh, that's gorgeous! and will you do the whole room or will you have an accent wall?

gotta go say cheese for my son who's using a bin as a pretend camera...

Steph said...

wow - I really like that, too!