Friday, March 21, 2008

BloomingtonGirl Gets Her First...

...pair of reading glasses.

Today, I purchased my first pair of specs after noticing that I was having to hold my books out a little bit more than I was used to doing while reading in bed. I suppose I could have waited until it got worse, but in the name of having a new look, I' m giving these little beauties a whirl. I think that I look quite smart, don't you? Of course you do. I got them on sale at Bloomingfoods. Who knew they had glasses? The wonderful Justin helped me pick them out.

Today was a good laundry day. That doesn't sound like much but Loyal Readers, I have been so behind in my laundry that it was positively exhilarating to see the results of my labors today - baskets full of clean, neatly folded clothes. As you can imagine, I am meticulous about my folding. I narrowly averted an underwear crisis for my husband (whites had not been done in ages, leaving him with only one pair left - and yes, I fold them, too) and my son finally has some clean pants that go all the way to his ankles. He has been growing so much that most of his pants look like weird little capris. If I don't keep up with his laundry, that is what he ends up wearing. Add his poor little mismatched socks to the ensembles and he looks so pitiful. I really need to go shopping for him. It isn't right that I am such a fashionista while my son looks like he should be on What Not to Wear to First Grade. (But if Tim Gunn hosted it, it would be worth it, I think.)

In other news, my mother sent Jack a bag of Jelly Beans for Easter and I really do wish she hadn't. I cannot stop nibbling on them. Before now, I had no idea how much I loved Jelly Beans. They are "Jelly Belly" knock-offs made by a company that is completely nut free. I actually met the original Jelly Belly creator years ago when I was working in sales for a food ingredient company. He was a fun and exuberant man, quite hairy and sort of fat (he was photographed for People magazine topless in a bathtub of Jelly Bellies...that is how I know about the hairy part.) Anyway, he gave me this huge glass Coca-Cola bottle filled with Jelly Bellies. I still have the bottle and filled it over the years with loose change. I am in the process of rolling up all that change in order to buy a painting I have my eye on. Wow! That was an interesting story now, wasn't it?

In college, we would have called that a James Story. I never knew the actual James but one of the kids I knew in freshman year at college went to high school with James. Apparently, James told these long and completely pointless stories, thus inspiring the "James Story" label for any such story. The interesting thing about the James Story is that the story of its origin is rather a James Story itself.

Well, I am off to watch The Wire with my beloved husband. It is just about as good as The Sopranos, a huge HUGE compliment coming from me. We are having to rent the series because we discovered it as it was wrapping up on HBO. We are on the first season. Very very engrossing.


Anonymous said...

Nice new look, egghead! There are lots of reading glasses on sale in Target's "Dollar Spot" at this very moment as well, if you want to mix it up further. MKP

Rachael said...

you look fab!

i tried on my mom's reading glasses that she left behind after her last visit. they didn't totally work but i think i'm getting there. if i'm wearing my glasses and looking at my baby close up, i tend to look over them. that's a sign, right?

love the james story. i feel like that's my life right now because i have small children and i blame the nursing...


Anonymous said...

I love the look!
I'm nearsighted, and at the stage where I have to take off my glasses to read anything, but I still have to hold it fairly close to read it. But when I tried bifocals I couldn't see either close or far away. I kind of wish I could just buy cute reading glasses from Bloomingfoods.
Oh, well.

Joii said...

I love it. I fold underwear too. It's just the right thing to do.