Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Delicious White Chili & Beatrice

I just posted a great White Chili recipe to my other blog. Get the recipe here.

In other news, my neighbor admitted to me that he was a sometimes Loyal Reader. I was shocked because I had no idea that he even knew about my blog, much less read it. For a very brief moment, I was flattered and assumed that he found my little essays amusing and insightful. But, alas, right before my head could swell to unseemly proportions, the flattery was shattered. The real truth came out. The neighbor admitted that he doesn't really read my blog, but searches my blog only to make sure that I am not complaining about his family's beagle-mix dog, whom I've nicknamed "Bea the Barking Dog".

Why he would be worried I would be complaining about his fine pup Beatrice is just beyond me.

I do hope that he enjoys the writing, though. He deserves no less. He and his family are the finest neighbors one could hope for.

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